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Over the years, the University of Hong Kong Museum Society has donated over HK$9.18 million to the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong. Together with matching grants provided from the Hong Kong Government, total gifts amounted to over HK$13 million.

Donations from the Museum Society have supported UMAG in the acquisition of a number of selective artworks, the mounting of special exhibitions and notable programs. In 2010, two pairs of wood carving from Ju Ming's Living World Series were donated to UMAG to commemorate the Society's 20th anniversary and the University's centenary. In 2013, the Society presented a record donation of HK$3.3 million from its 25th anniversary fundraising efforts.

The Society has also enthusiastically supported cultural and educational programs of both The University of Hong Kong and the larger Hong Kong community. A scholarship fund initiated after the 20th anniversary celebration comprised of both achievement awards and study grants for the undergraduate and graduate students in the University's Fine Arts Department.

One of the Society's strategic objectives is to ensure the long-term viability of UMAG. To help meet this goal, the Executive Committee has agreed to establish a special endowment fund. As this initiative represents a major undertaking for the Society, we welcome all support for this ambitious yet very important project.

Please join us in promoting art, culture and scholarship.

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