Chairman's Note

Dear Members,

Welcome back! I hope that you have enjoyed a fun summer break with your family and friends filled with great "Kodak" moments.

By now, you will have received our new e-news updates on upcoming activities. Our goal is to give you weekly reminders of what's ahead and eventually offer registration and payments online. Please feel free to share your feedbacks with us about what works and what doesn't.

We have planned a kaleidoscope of activities for September and October, starting with a guided viewing of two exhibitions - "History of Gold" and "Golden Techniques" with Dr. Xu Xiaodong at the Art Museum of CUHK.

The Museum Society and UMAG will jointly organise a free public programme - two lectures on women in art. The first lecture, "Staging Everyday Life and the Pleasures of Leisure" will be given by Dr. Fongfong Chen, new Associate Curator of UMAG. The second lecture, "Why Women, Why Then, Why Now?" will be presented by Ms. Eliza Gluckman, Curator of the New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. We look forward to introducing both of these terrific professionals to all of you.

Continuing at UMAG, we will host a private viewing of a new exhibition "Fibres of Life: Ikat Textiles of the Indonesian Archipelago" with collector Peter ten Hoopen during his visit to Hong Kong. Members can also learn about the intricacy of the ikat techniques through a hands-on weaving workshop with textile designer Ms. Wing-sum Tsui.

There will be two heritage outings to discover the diversity of our city. Professor Raymond Fung, architect and main designer of the HK Wetland Park will guide us through the award-winning reserve that showcases the conservation and biodiversity of the city's wetland. For the young and fearless, Dr. Lee Ho Yin will lead "Wanchai Ghostbusting Exploration Tour" to investigate various reputedly haunted grounds to reveal more of the district's history and heritage - just in spooky time for Halloween!

And finally, two cultural tours - "Venice Biennale and the Villas of Veneto", and "A Weekend of Architecture, Music, Art and Gastronomy" are fully subscribed. Thank you for your enthusiastic responses. Please stay tune for announcements of new tours coming soon.

We look forward to seeing you!

Yvonne Choi (蔡劉月寰)
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