Chairman's Note

Dear Members,

Thank you so very much for generously supporting our appeal for the Endowment Fund and the Annual Report. We look forward to sharing highlights of 2016 activities at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 25 May at the Hong Kong Club. Our AGM's Guest Speaker Dr. Sigg will reveal the intriguing story of his journey in collecting Chinese contemporary art and eventually his impressive donation of artworks that form the founding collection for the M+ in West Kowloon.

To explore art, culture and heritage, many new activities are planned for the months of May and June. We begin with a cultural evening of Kunqu held at the elegant Fung Ping Shan Gallery. The programme includes a talk with Ms. Cheung Lai-chun and follows with a beautiful performance of "Dreamland Revisited", a selected scene from "The Peony Pavilion" with Ms. Ying Kam-sha.

Also at the UMAG, the Executive Committee is pleased to co-host the Asia Week Hong Kong 2017's opening cocktail and first of the Museum lecture series by Madame Sophie Makariou, Director of the Musee Guimet.

We are delighted to organize guided viewings of two distinctly different contemporary art presentations. The first is a tour of the exhibition "Perception: Cai Xiao-song" led by Catherine Don, Head of Sotheby's Contemporary Ink Art in Asia. The second is a tour of an art installation that pays tribute to the tradition and historical legacies of a restored Hakka village - "Hi! Houses: Jaffa Lam x Sam Tung Uk Museum" led by the artist Jaffa Lam.

Dr. Stephen Davies, first director of the HK Maritime Museum will lead a heritage walk "Discovering Historic Stanley" to recall the history of one of Hong Kong's oldest settlements from its beginning as a humble fishing village to its settlement as a British army base, and later as an internment camp during World War II.

Our Executive Committee will lead members on three cultural tours across the globe, starting with "A cultural trip to the heart of Arts and Crafts" in Central Japan, then "A Gastronomic Wine Tour of the Rhine Valley and Alsace", and finally the "Casas & Quintas - The Palaces and Manor Houses of Northern Portugal".

To celebrate the beginning of summer, join us for a special evening of "Art + Culinary" with Peter Lau, Managing Director of Asia One and a generous sponsor of our newsletters and annual reports. He will open the doors to his headquarter where he combines his passion for art with his business of printing and publishing.

One final note - please watch for our new e-communications coming to you in the near future!

Yvonne Choi (蔡劉月寰)
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