Past Activities
Dr. Jing Tsu on Lin Yutang, his Chinese-Language Typewriter and the Global Importance of Chinese Language

Dr. Jing Tsu gave a very interesting lecture on how Lin Yutang's Chinese typewriter was the precursor of the Chinese digital input system. She also stimulated the audience's thought on the meaning of language, and touched on the growing importance of the Chinese language in the area of international communication.
Stephen Hui Geological Museum & Lunch at HKU Senior Common Room

Dr. Petra Bach & Sylvia Hui Kwok's talk started with both the foreground and background stories of the Geological Museum. A 3-D video on a revolving globe with lecture, a guided tour and a walk-through the display of the extensive rock collection of Dr. Stephen Hui followed. The activity concluded with lunch at Robert Black College and desert at the Senior Common Room.
Professor Peter Lam on Detecting the Fakes - Dating and Connoisseurship of Chinese Ceramics

Professor Peter Lam started the lecture by giving us a brief historical introduction of Chinese Ceramic followed by the different types of "forming" and "decorations" on the ceramics. Scientific analytical techniques and useful tips to differentiate the fake from the real were discussed. With the assistance of colourful slides, it was a very interesting and informative guide to a fascinating topic.
Christie's HK Autumn Auction 2009 Preview of Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art

Participants gained a deeper understanding of contemporary Southeast Asian art as well as a more in-depth knowledge of several masterpieces of traditional Chinese paintings through the guided tour by Christie's specialists Keong Ruoh-Ling and Elizabeth Hammer.
Shenzhen Weekend New Museum and Old Walled Villages

Blessed with beautiful weather, good company, wonderful things to see and sites to visit, delicious food, luxurious hotel, and nostalgic stories from Dr. Ting, the weekend was most enjoyable.
Parkview Art Collection

The vast variety, quantity and quality of Parkview's art collection under one roof was truly amazing. A leisurely lunch at the Clubhouse followed.
Studio Visit: Nigel Szeto, his Style and Philosophy

Through his website and his soon-to-be published book, Nigel Szeto gave us a glimpse into his life - his philosophy, his passion, his work, his family and in particular his relationship with his father who had influenced him tremendously. It was a refreshing and delightful morning as he demonstrated his painting techniques over tea and cakes in his studio surrounded by his collection of ink stones, paint brushes and antiques.
India - A Transcendental Tapestry: Tour of Sanchi, Khajuraho, Amritsar & Dharamsala

An eye-opening and mind-awakening adventure trip visiting the Great Stupa in Sanchi, Golden Temple in Amritsar, erotic sculptures in temples of Khajuraho. The group also got to meet and talk with an Indian Princess in Bhopal, the HH Karmapa and a Tibetan Legislative Council Secretary in Dharamsala, on top of numerous temples and sites.
Evening at the Museum: Members Reception & Opening of the Exhibition

Over 150 members and guests, dressed with a touch of Chinese, attended the EVENING AT THE MUSEUM to celebrate art and friendship. The members reception coincided with the opening of the exhibition of imperial wares from the Late Ming Period. Guests were treated with lucky draws, wine and canapes, and a beautiful Chinese zheng performance by the talented Wang Shuang. The event was a wonderful opportunity for members to become more engaged and familiar with the Museum and its collections.
"Beauty & the Beast - New Aspects of Ming and Qing Paintings" by Dr. Yeewan Koon

From the selfless yearning for the loved ones, to the self-centered indulgence for recognition, Dr. Koon explained vividly the various mindsets and moods of the artists, as expressed in their paintings.
Hong Kong International Art and Antiques Fair (HKIAAF 09)

The HK International Art and Antiques Fair was an opportunity to see a broad spectrum of art housed under one roof - contemporary sitting side-by-side with antiquities.
Qinghai and Southern Gansu Tour with UMAG Director, Yeung Chun-tong (Conducted in Cantonese)

Twenty-five participants enjoyed the beautiful weather, amazing sights and interesting stories told by Director Yeung. The group visited numerous temples, caves and museums as they follow in the footsteps of ancient Buddhist priests along the Silk Road in Qinghai and Southern Gansu provinces.
Liu Guosong's Experimental Chinese Painting Exhibition

Renowned artist Liu Guosong gave an overview of experimental Chinese paintings to our members at the UMAG. It was followed with demonstrations by four ink artists on their various techniques to produce marks beyond the parameters of the brush. A special preview tour was conducted by Liu for our members immediately before the opening of his exhibition.
Pre-trip Talk - Chinese Culture in Qinghai and Gansu

UMAG Director Yeung Chun-tong gave a talk about the highlights for the trip and some of the historical background of the places to be visited.
The Art of English High Tea with Wendy Siu

Wendy Siu shared with us the history and etiquette of English HIGH tea in her shop Heather and March, followed with an elegant afternoon tea at the Mandarin's Clippers Lounge.
Traditions and Tensions - The Rise of Mondernism in India with Sundaram Tagore

This lecture explored the multiple facets of Indian modernism. With many beautiful images, Sundaram Tagore showed us that the light in modern Indian art comes from within. Unlike their counterparts in the West, Indian artists made modern art not by shocking and rejecting, but by assimilating elements from innumerable artistic traditions.
Koo Mei's Landscape Painting

This special tour and demonstration was conducted by visiting artist Koo Mei in conjunction with her solo exhibition at UMAG. Willing a brush in her hands, clouds and mists magically appeared with mountains and trees in front of our very eyes. A delicious meal was shared with the artist afterward.
Studio visit with Lisa Cheung, Chinese Antique Restoration Specialist

To differentiate between a genuine and a fake, Lisa Cheung taught us how to look, touch, smell and hear when examining a piece of pottery. The visit was followed by dim sum lunch afterward.
Dr. Shane McCausland: Telling Images of China - Narrative and Figure Paintings, 15th - 20th Centuries

Arriving from England, Dr. Shane McCausland talked to our members about the themes from an exhibition of paintings on loan to the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin from the Shanghai Museum. A special home-style dinner was prepared by the chef of the exclusive Min Chiu Society Club.
Trip: Contemporary Art and Architecture in Japan Echigo Tsumari Triennial Art Festival 2009 Preview Tour with Alex Hui

The Society's support in 2006 to volunteers of HKU students at the Echigo-Tsumari Triennial art festival stimulated our interest in this event, the largest art festival in the world. At the time of our visit it entails 150 permanent works of art covering about 760 sq. km. of mostly rice farming area in the Niigata Prefecture. The blending of art in the midst of mother nature itself was a mind-blowing, exciting and most of all provocative experience for us all.
Lecture and Dinner with Professor David Lung on The Disappearance of the Meaning of Chinese Courtyard House

UNESCO Chair, Professor David Lung reviewed the cultural significance of the traditional Chinese courtyard house; tracing its philosophical foundation to the harmony of man and heaven, and the ways in which the Confucian ideal of a family is being institutionalized in this physical built form.
Guided Auction Viewing: Christie's Hong Kong Spring 2009 Exhibition

It was a delightful treat to preview the precious imperial wares with experts Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi before its opening to the public.
Pre-trip Talk: Japan's Contemporary Art and Architecture with Alex Hui

Alex Hui captured the audience with his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the Echigo Tsumari Triennial Art Festival, its artworks as well as the architecturally interesting museums and hotels to be visited in this tour.
Guided Viewing: Hong Kong International Art Fair (Art HK '09)

Vanessa Wong led our group to various overseas and local gallery booths participating in this year's International Art Fair. With special introductions by the gallerists, we gained better appreciation for the artworks which were sometimes mind stretching and other times simply a pleasure to view.
Lecture: Singapore Shophouse and Hong Kong Tong Lau with Dr. Lee Ho Yin

Dr. Lee Ho Yin's lecture and slide presentation brought alive those combined residential and commercial architectural hybrids that bejeweled the twin cities.
Heritage Walk: Central to Wanchai with Cheng Po Hung

Cheng Po Hung is a walking encyclopedia of Hong Kong. Over 20 participants joined the tour that started at Central and ended with Yum-Cha at the nostalgic Lun Mun Restaurant in Wanchai.
Annual General Meeting at the Hong Kong Club with Guest Speaker Wong How Man

This was a very special AGM! The Museum Society presented a check of $600,000 to UMAG as its annual contribution. An additional $1M is designated as a special 20th Anniversary gift for the acquisition of a commemorative piece of artwork. After many years of strong leadership and dedication to the Society, Margaret Yu stepped down as Chairman to be succeeded by Bonnie Huo. Speaker Wong How Man touched everyone's heart as he spoke of his cultural conservation projects in China.
Guided Auction Viewing: Sotheby's Spring 2009 Exhibition

Precious objects are always delightful to the eyes. It is even more so when enjoyed under the guidance of specialists in their field.
Trip: The Road to Damascus .....Tracing Syria's Glorious Heritage

Fifty participants undertook this cultural trip to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The monuments and museums, local people and their laughter, shopping and dining - can be recalled in our members' photos and poetry...
Gallery Walk and Lunch: Ancient Chinese Bronzes from the Shouyang Studio - The Katherine and George Fan Collection With Chair Professor Jenny So

Professor Jenny So shared her knowledge on the features and inscriptions of the bronze wares which told stories about the lives of people in this ancient time. Everyone enjoyed a catered lunch at the Institute of Chinese Studies afterward.
Lecture: Native Orchids in Hong Kong and Mainland China with Gloria Siu

With potted samples and caring tips, Gloria shared her research, adventure and passion about orchids.
Talk: Ming Furniture with Grace Wu Bruce

Being a leading international dealer in Ming furniture, Grace Wu Bruce spoke on the history, aesthetics and appreciation of these timeless classics.
Day Trip: Shenzhen Walls with Dr. Joseph Ting

We treaded off-the-beaten-path of Shenzhen to explore Namtou, an old walled city and its surrounding area under the guidance of the very knowledgeable Dr. Joseph Ting.
Heritage Walk: Sham Shui Po with Alex Hui

From street markets to historical buildings, from urban decay to heritage conservation, Alex Hui led the group through some thought-provoking dialogues while strolling through the streets of Sham Shui Po.
Culinary Evening: Dai Pai Dong

Decorated with Chinese film posters on the walls, this Dai Pai Dong served delicious food with chilled bowls of beer. The noisy ambiance and the owner's boisterous character added to the charm of this popular eatery. Everyone had a fun time.
Half-day Seminar: Ancient Silk Road in Ningxia with Dr. Susan Whitfield & Professor Puay-peng Ho

This free public seminar was the finale program of the Museum Society's 20th Anniversary celebration. Over 240 members and guests filled the University's Rayson Huang Theatre. Our speakers Dr. Susan Whitfield and Dr. P.P. Ho spoke eloquently about Ningxia and its place on the Silk Road, the art of Western Xia Buddhism, the Sogdian traders, and the Xumishan Buddhist grottoes.
Tour: The Art of Ding Yanyong with Professor Mayching Kao in Cantonese

Professor Mayching Kao guided the group and shared interesting stories about Ding Yanong's life and works during his early years in Hong Kong.
Lecture: The Art of Ding Yanyong in Time and Place with Professor Mayching Kao in Cantonese

Professor Mayching Kao shared her first-hand knowledge of her teacher Ding Yanyong, one of the pioneers of modern Chinese painting to fuse the cultures of East and West in his works.
Home Visit with Barbara Park

Barbara describes her house as "half museum, half junk shop". The group enjoyed a morning walk along the scenic trail to her colonial bungalow where she shared stories about her passion for collecting Asian artifacts which will likely disappear during our lifetime.
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