Past Activities
Literati Afternoon: Introductory Concert of Guqin (古琴) with Dr. Tse Chun-Yan

Dr. Tse Chun Yan's enlightening talk and performance on his Song Dynasty guqin, Anita Wong's skilfully brewed oolong and vintage pu-er tea, Yibuzhai's classical ambiance - all contributed to a perfect literati afternoon, nourishing the body and mind.
Chris Hall

Fondly described his home as Versace-Chinoiserie style, Chris Hall gave an eye-opening tour of his beautiful home to the over-subscribed crowd.
Rinpa as Literature and History with Professor Timon Screech

Professor Timon Screech offered insights to understanding the celebrated style of Japanese art known as Rinpa. The lecture touched upon the historical context of its emergence and how it differs from the old court classics. Rinpa was the "celebration of the past, in the language of the present".
Compradors, Revolutionaries and Entrepreneurs: Trip to Zhongshan and Zhuhai with Dr. Joseph Ting

Joseph Ting shared with us his insights into the life and times of the compradors and entrepreneurs from this area. 3 fellow travel companions took the opportunity to trace their roots here. Food for the mind was coupled with food for the body - pigeons are a speciality here and for dessert, doubled boiled egg custard with ginger. Zhongshan, Zhuhai - tiny places with a lot of punch!
Chu Hing Wah (朱興華)

With his creative journey divided into four stages, Chu shared his life and passion with us. At the end, we were asked to interact with his paintings which were intentionally not titled, so as to offer a deeper appreciation by awakening our own personal experience.
Hong Kong Cemetery at Happy Valley with Dr. Ken Nicholson

With beautiful weather, participants toured one of the oldest and best surviving example of a Western cemetery garden in Hong Kong under the guidance of Dr. Ken Nicholson. Along the way, we visited memorials of influential business people, military heroes, political activists, and the victim of a tiger attack; and considered the challenges faced by this heritage site.
Celebrating Arts and Friendship 2010 at the University Lodge

Membership Drive: Celebrating Arts and Friendship 2010 at the University Lodge Saturday November 13th 2010 120 members and guests attended our Membership Drive at the University Lodge with our Patron Ellen Tsui and Professor Tsui Lap-Chee being the most gracious hosts. A full house enjoyed “Nelly” Lichauco Fung’s talk about her book “Beneath the Banyan Tree”. With the band playing in the background the party moved outdoors to the smell of roasting piglets. There was certainly a feeling of friendship and joy in the air. After students from the HK University performed the Tinikling dance, the audience joined in finding it hard to evade the bamboo poles. There was more dancing and singing before we bade farewell to the elegant University Lodge for another year.
Chin Hok Hong and Shum Lai Kuen of Artline Chinese Arts Mounting Studio

We were shown how a torn painting was restored back to its original flawless condition. Various stages of mounting were demonstrated, along with discussion of different methods and materials.
Art and Architecture in Seoul, Korea with Corrin Chan and Kathy Park

The most common comment during this trip was = what an eye opening experience. Our 2 resource persons, Kathy Park and Corrin Chan, shared with us their passion and insight into Korean art and architecture. We walked a lot - in areas off the beaten path. Members came home to Hong Kong with a fresh appreciation of Korean motifs and Korean food - and we all agreed that food is not limited to just Korean BBQ!!!
Hong Kong Artist Fung Ming Chip

Fung Ming Chip shared his creative exploration through samples of his work on display, ranging from woodcut and glass screen to innovative Chinese calligraphy. Gallery owner Sin Sin showed her hospitality with tea reception and an impromptu song from the Cantonese opera.
Fine Art Asia 2010

From contemporary paintings and sculptures to antique textiles and watches, from Japanese lithographs and European great masters to exotic jewellery and tribal rugs, it was a feast for the eyes and the mind.
Korea Art and Architecture with Corrin Chan and Kathy Park

Corrin Chan and Kathy Park treated the audience with some powerpoint visual delights of art and architecture that the trip participants were going to see, some of which quite exotic and unusual. One member signed up for the trip on the spot.
Chaoshan Cuisine at Kowloon City

We all enjoyed the fine Chaoshan cuisine amongst the hustle and bustle ambience as well as the friendly, and enthusiastic reception of Mr. Lee, the owner of the Ting Hoi Lo Sze Restaurant. Special dishes served included: Fresh shrimp ‘Money Bags’, Petite clams with Lettuce, Fried Fish-Octopus Slices and etc. While consuming these rare delicacies seldom found elsewhere, Mr. Lee also shared culinary pointers with some of us.
50th Anniversary Exhibition of Min Chiu Society with Benjamin W. Yim

Benjamin W. Yim's indepth knowledge about the provenances and historical backgrounds of the remarkable exhibits fascinated the participants. Interesting Q/A pervaded throughout the dim sum lunch.
Bordeaux Winery Tour with Mr. Wilson Kwok

Our Museum Society held a successful inaugural wine study tour to the famous wine growing areas of Bordeaux. Together with internationally renowned food and wine connoisseur, wine judge and educator, Wilson Kwok, our group visited a selection of important caves where we learned to appreciate the legendary “Bordeaux balance”, created from the subtle blending of grapes of the famous Bordeaux terroir.
Asia One Printing Plant with Peter Lau

Inside the state-of-the-arts Asia One Tower, Peter Lau showed us the hardwares and softwares that could make dreams into reality. Everyone was very much impressed. Beautiful souvenirs and sumptuous lunch that followed made a perfect finale.
Art, Dinner & Music at Gitone

While sipping wine and dipping colours, participants were encouraged to display their artistic talents in the porcelain painting workshop led by Terrence Lee. Delicious special menu that followed was served on Gitone’s designer utensils. Members played the guitar, sang and dance through dinner to nostalgic and rock music.
Art, Design and Life with Po Chung (Chung Po-yang), OBE, SBS, JP

Po Chung shared his life story to illustrate the art of designing and the science of managing life. Success tips plus the magic formula Q=SC2 for individual and corporation. Dinner conversation on anti-aging and lifestyle was also fascinating.
Documentary Video-making with Nancy Tong

Film producer Nancy Tong was raised in Hong Kong and moved to NYC in 1981. Since then she has established herself as a renown documentary film maker. It was such a pleasure to view Nancy's amazing talk with co-presenter Sze Wei Ang. Her work focused on the history of Chinese American immigrants, which were full of valuable archival material and informative narration. Nancy revealed how she has empowered Muslim women in China, Indonesia and Pakistan through teaching them about documentary film making.
Afternoon Tea at Victoria House with Mrs. Lisa Tang & Talk on "Women Collectors" with Catherine Maudsley

Over 40 of us enjoyed the spectacular view and beautiful weather. Catherine Maudsley's presentation on Women Collectors captivated the audience with nostalgic photos and vivid stories; Sarah Bent's botanical paintings blended the garden nicely into the house. Mrs. Lisa Tang graciously offered a delectable tea reception with wine and a special cane sugar home brew. A perfect Sunday afternoon.
Christie's Spring Exhibition with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

Those of us who got up early for the Christies guided tour with Pola Antebi were richly rewarded! Pola showed us the imperial sale pieces and shared with us interesting stories on how some of the pieces were acquired. She gave us an informative guided tour, sharing with us the excitement of the hunt for auction pieces never been seen before. She mentioned seeing pieces that had come up for auction years ago and now back in the room - like seeing an old familiar friend. After the guided walk, many of us stayed on to see other galleries.
Annual General Meeting & Extraordinary General Meeting; Guest Speaker: Professor Wang Gungwu on Art, History and Revolution: Some Reflections

Over 70 members and guests attended this historical AGM & EGM to commemorate the incorporation of the Museum Society into a limited company with charitable institution status. Professor Wang Gungwu gave an enlightening lecture in his charismatic style. Fellowship and goodwill filled the air while the wine and sumptuous buffet pleased the palate.
Hong Kong International Art Fair (Art HK 2010)

Vanessa Wong led our group to various galleries booths participating in this year's International Art Fair, including Ben Brown Fine Arts, The Modern Institute, Sperone Westwater, Marianne Boesky, James Cohen, Arario Gallery and Input/Output. The exhibited works are in a wide variety of media and modes of expressions --- ranging from paintings, prints, sculptures, and mixed media to video, photography, digital work and installation. With special introductions by the gallerists, we gained better appreciations for the exhibited works of art.
Impressionism and the Family with Dr. Greg M. Thomas

In explaining why famly ties became so important in the formation of modern identity in late 19th century France, Dr. Greg M. Thomas examined the representation of families in Impressionism by looking in detail at family images by four Impressionist painters, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot. Dr. Thomas completely captured the attention of our audience as he discussed how each of these well respected painters interpreted their own family relations in very different and sometimes surprising ways.
Gary Chang's Curio-Box Apartment and the Hong Kong Film Archive

Award winning architect, interior and product designer Gary Chang hosted our members for a special morning tour of his famous 32m2 apartment, the Curio Box. Its clever design is based on the notions of Change, Choice, Co-Existence and Connectivity which are the parameters of new urban dynamics and compact living, blurring the boundaries between the building envelopes and the furniture. The morning also included a docent guided tour of the HK Film Archive, its facilities and its current exhibition, "A Creative Journey with Lung Kong".
Journey of the Mind: Zen and Architecture in Central Honshu - A tour of Central Honshu, Japan, with Professor Puay-peng Ho

The eight-day tour was led by Professor Puay-peng Ho, Professor and Director of the School of Architecture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We visited major Buddhist temples, monateries, and museums, Japanese landscape gardens; the medieval Matsumoto Castle, the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shinto shrine as well as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site of Suganuma. The highlights included the visit to Zuiryuji, a famous temple of the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism, featuring a magnificent and elegant building structure modeled after Chinese temple architecture. The Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy, named after the prominent Japanese philosopher, was designed by Tadao Ando. Last but not least, dining at the Jardin Paul Bocuse created by the famous Paul Bocuse, a 3-star Michelin chef from France, was a real treat. We enjoyed the wonderful food and the stunning setting of the restaurant overlooking Kanazawa Castle
Chu Teh-chun Porcelain Exhibition with Philippe Koutouzis

The beauty of the fifty-six pieces of painted porcelains by Chu Teh-Chun is truly reflected in the exhibition's name, "Of Snow, Gold and Sky Blue". Renown art consultant Philippe Koutouzis shared insights on the passion and philosophies of the artist with interesting details on the skills and craftsmanship required in the production of these exquisite works of art.
"Forces of Nature" Sculpture Exhibition

It was another beautiful morning at the Rotunda of the Exchange Square - a great setting to view artworks from five prominent HK artists for the "Forces of Nature" Sculpture Exhibition. Sandra Walters, Kum Chi Keung and Tony Ng's sharing allowed us to understand and appreciate the creative process behind the thought-provoking artworks which speak so eloquently of nature.
Sin Sin's World of Art

Sin Sin shared many interesting and colorful stories that have influenced her over the years. Her energy and enthusiasm were both impressive and inspiring, a great example of the can-do spirit that embodies women of Hong Kong.
Sotheby's Spring 2010 Exhibition

What a special Easter morning. Nicholas Chow introduced imperial works of art, Edie Hu scholarly objects and Denise Chu asian comtemporary art. Everyone enjoyed the art hunting game.
A Kaleidoscope of Turkish Delights

Magnificent Istanbul was both the beginning and the end of our 15-day cultural tour of Turkey. We experienced the wonders of Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Goreme. We wandered in awe through the sites of the Greek acropolis of Pergamum and the Roman ruins of Ephesus. We were captivated by the ritual dance of the Whirling Dervishes as well as with the signs of everyday life along the Bosphorus, the strait that separates Asia and Europe. Turkey is truly a kaleidoscope of assorted delights!
Kai-Yin Lo on Art + Design

In the stylish setting of her home, Kai-Yin Lo talked about how she found inspirations for her contemporary designs from the roots of cultural history. She believed that when design and craft merged together at a high level, they became art.
Painting Demonstration with Raymond Fung

In this joint activity with Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Raymond Fung captivated the audience by generously sharing his trick-of-the-trade painting techniques without reservation. Artistic exchanges continued through dinner with the artist.
Qing Imperial Glassware with Andrew Lee King Fun at the Min Chiu Society

This was a sold-out event. The colourful presentation of Qing imperial glassware by Andrew Lee was impressive, the home-style dinner delicious, the exhibits at Min Chiu Society interesting. It was a stimulating and sociable gathering.
A Portrait of Turkey

In conjunction with the Museum Society's cultural tour of Turkey, we invited Fatih Dikmen of Istanbul to give an overview of the cultural and historical treasures of Turkey. As well as introducing the beautiful landscapes of Pamukkale, Goreme and Cappadocia, Fatih outlined the rich history of Turkey from the ancient civilizations of the Hittites, Greeks and Romans to the more recent Byzantine and Ottoman empires. We were privileged also to have Catherine Maudsley speak about the origins of Sufiism and the Whirling Dervishes.
Japanese Delicacies with Keiko Sakurai

With a beautiful table setting in front of the big glass window, the Luscious Delicious Cooking School was a Japanese oasis among the busy streets of Wanchai. Ms. Sakurai gave demonstrations on making simple yet delicate treats, including Baked Sweet Potato Bread and Hot Spring Buns (Onzen Manju), a favourite that can only be tasted at Japanese hot springs. After our workshop, we were treated to ten more variety of desserts specially prepared by our host.
Lee Mei-yin on Origins of Common Idioms in the Chinese Culture <中華文化之探本溯源> - 李美賢主講

Members and friends spent a wonderful afternoon discovering historical origins of many Chinese idioms. Aside from the hundreds of slides for presentation, Lee Mei-yin brought items from her own collection for sharing. Combined with home baked goodies over tea break, the afternoon event was indeed great food for the mind and body.
Jaycow Millinery Workshop

"Hats are poems penned by Jaycow" was the sign at the entrance to her studio workshop. Once inside, hats with feathers, laces, beads and flowers came in all shapes and colours. Jay gave a very passionate introduction of this wearable art which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
Felicity, Power, and Piety: 17th & 18th Century Burmese Murals with Dr. Alexandra Green

Dr. Alexandra Green presented beautiful images of 17th & 18th Century Burmese mural paintings found in central Burma and offered insightful discussions on their history, representations and importance in the Burmese society.
Legislative Council Heritage Building with Secretary General Pauline Ng

The group was received by Pauline Ng, Secretary General of the Legislative Council Secretariat. A guided tour of the colonial building followed with photographing opportunities throughout.
Dai Wing Wah Restaurant

Back by popular demand, the Society revisited the Dai Wing Wah Restaurant for a culinary evening at their newer branch in Kowloon Bay. Before dinner, Chef Leung Man To shared special culinary pointers, including tips on the technique used for preparing his famous "Atlantic Suckling Pig" and the best way to stir-fry "dow-miu" to maintain its freshness in color and taste. The evening's dinner was delicisous, unique and creative - a East meets West fusion of flavors.
Travel Photography with Bobby Lee

Using visual illustrations, Bobby Lee presented an excellent step-by-step guide on travel photography for our well-traveled participants. His talk included suggestions for pre-trip preparations, camera set-up and solutions for common problems that arise. With Lee's professional advices, we can look forward to many more beautiful and rewarding photo-sharing at future post-trip reunion dinners.
Fashion and Femininity in the Qing Dynasty

Private collector, K.S. Kuok treated the participants to a close-up viewing of his exquisite collection of authentic Chinese Qing robes worn by women of the aristocracy. Speaking with passion and enthusiasm, he gave valuable insights on connoisseurship through the understanding and appreciation of the various styles of silk and embroidery, tailoring and design that reflect the fashion trend of the period. To behold these beautiful robes was a wonderful way to kick off the New Year.
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