Past Activities
Central to Western District with Cheng Po Hung (in Cantonese) 中西區古蹟遊 - 鄭寶鴻帶領

Members enjoyed another delightful tour down memory lane with Hong Kong historian Cheng Po Hung. From Central to Western District, we covered landmarks from banking and trading, cinemas, temples and the original Tung Wah Hospital before ending with lunch at Lin Heung Tea House.
Private Dining at 13 Degrees Cellarage

40 members and friends attended this evening of gourmet seafood cuisine paired with fine wine and champagne. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and genial atmosphere in the private function room of this high end wine storage facility.
A Weekend Escape to Taipei with Professor Peter Lam (林業強教授) - TRIP FULL

The twin highlights of our Taipei trip were our great resource persons: Master Liu Gousong 劉國松 and Professor Peter Lam林 業強教授. They shared their knowledge, passion and expertise generously with us. Liu Gousong spoke of his life as a painter and how his art has shaped his outlook on life. He opened his home and studio to share his art works with us. Peter Lam inspired all of us with his PowerPoint presentation lecture the night before our visit to the exhibition of Emperor Kangxi and the Sun King Louis XIV: Sino-Franco Encounters in Arts and Culture (康熙大帝與太陽王路易十四特展). He further educated us with his erudite commentary on the pieces on show for "A Hundred Treasures of the National Palace Museum on Parade." We presented a cheque donation to Prof Lam as a small token of our gratitude for his leading this tour. The cheque was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Art Museum, CUHK,
Creative Digital Capture with Carsten Schael

During this second workshop, Carsten Schael began with design concepts, then all participants were asked to go out to take photos on campus. After returning, he critiqued each one's photos, and finally he showed us some magical tips on enhancing those photos with software.
Christie’s Auction Preview with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

The intrepid members who got up early for our preview were richly rewarded with a first look at some of the pieces on auction. Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi took us to see some carved rhinoceros horns, ceramics and furniture, mandarin badges and imperial robes. They regaled us with stories on how some of the items came to be there! After the guided tour, some of us went to have coffee/tea before looking at more items on sale. The only hand raising this morning was to ask questions - but all members were encouraged to go to the auctions and raise their hands there as well!!
Exploring Digital Photography with Carsten Schael

The four-hour workshop was attended by 15 enthusiastic learners. Carsten Schael provided us all with basic techniques on the usage, tips and solutions on how to make the most of our cameras. During the course of the workshop participants also shared experiences and information on this interesting topic.
"Celebrations!" The University of Hong Kong Museum Society Members' Exhibition - EXHIBITION PERIOD: 12 OCTOBER to 15 NOVEMBER 2011

Please see Special Events under Activities in this website.
"Celebrations!" Exhibition Dismantling and Members Get-Together

The Celebration photography exhibition has been a tremendous success, from the publication of the beautifully illustrated catalogue to the opening and gala dinner and finally, the closing and dismantling of the photographs. To coincide with the centenary of our university, this 100 photographs project has been a fitting tribute to our university community life and spirit. The closing event was well attended by members and friends, experiencing together warm friendship in another bonding activity, showing we are truly the HKU Museum Society family. An evening to remember!
Archaeology of Chinese Theatre with Dr. Irene Tsang

Dr. Irene Tsang treated participants to a lecture with revealing images about the history and archaeology of Chinese theatre. She covered aspects about the stage architecture and design, costume and make-up, as well as the five role types seen from relics carved in tomb furnishings - whetting our appetite to learn more about one of the most popular art forms in Chinese culture.
Café Acrobatic Exhibition with Rosanna Li Wei Han

We saw through Rosanna's eyes the "Cha Chaan teng" culture with humour and wit. She also shared with us the technical challenges as well as the fun in creating these characteristic figurines.
Reflections on the Museum in the 21st Century with Tina Yee-wan Pang

We had a full house for this most interesting and illuminating presentation on curatorial practices in the USA. Tina Pang shared with us impressions, ideas and information she gathered in the 6 months that she spent studying and observing different museum practices in the USA. She presents new and old museum ideas in terms of both hard ware and software. The evening ended with a delicious dinner where more ideas were exchanged. A wonderful evening!
"Celebrations!" 100 Photos! 100 Years! - Gala Dinner for 100 at University Museum and Art Gallery

100 special guests dined and wined in the Museum amongst 100 exhibits to celebrate HKU centenary. After Patron Mrs. Ellen Tsui gave the keynote speech, there were toasting, souvenir presentation, percussion performance, games, prizes and lucky draws. Everyone went home with a complimentary copy of the commemorative photography book. Beautiful floral design and music, with our humorous MCs, completed an evening to remember. For further information and happy faces, please visit Special Events...
"Celebrations!" 100 Photos! 100 Years! - Evening at the Museum - Members' Exhibition Opening & Reception

A lovely members' cocktail reception with much fun and excitment at the "Celebrations!" exhibition with 100 photographs juried by Dr. Leo KK Wong, Dr. Wong How Man & Mr. Carsten Schael; and curated by Ms. Catherine Kwai & Mr. Yeung Chun-tong. It also featured an installation titled "Ripples" by Masao Mizukami. Officiating guests included Vice Chancellor Lap Chee Tsui, Patron Mrs. Ellen Tsui and Sponsor Mr. Peter Lau. Immediately after the exhibition opening, a donation ceremony of the newly acquired woodcarving artwork titled "Living World Series" by Juming followed. For further details, please see Special Events...
Fine Art Asia 2011 with Robin Markbreiter

Our morning at the Fine Art Asia 2011 with Robin Markbreiter was a real eye opener. Robin took us around to see some of the finest works of art the fair has to offer. His careful choice of gallerias and booths helped us see a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, bronzes, ceramics, lacquer, etc. At the stop in his own booth, Arts of Asia, all participants were generously given the latest issue of Arts of Asia.
Hidden Paradise - Restoring Tibetan Monasteries in Sikkim, Qinghai and Ladakh with Dr. Andre Alexander and Yutaka Hirako

A special evening among like minded friends both from the HKU Museum Society and from Friends of the CUHK. It was inspiring to listen to both Andre and Yutaka sharing their Hidden Paradise. The evening ended with a vegetarian dinner in the congenial surroundings of the Senior Common Room.
Aberdeen: Art Galleries & Lunch at the Fish Market Canteen

Amandine Hervey, consultant of Koru Contemporary Art Gallery, gave us an introduction on the evolution of glass making, its role in Art history and the work of David Murray. At Alisan Fine Arts, a few floors above, Alice King and her daughter Daphe introduced us to some of the Hong Kong well known contemporary artists, such as Fung Ming Chip and Wucius Wong. Less then 10 minutes away lay a hidden gem, the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market Canteen, where we ended the morning’s program by enjoying a variety of the most delicious and fresh seafood topped off with dessert specialty, French toast and Nai Cha.
"Early Hong Kong Travel, 1880 – 1939" with Benjamin W. Yim and Joan Ho

Cancelled due to unforeseen reason.
Asia Art Archive with Claire Hsu and Susanna Chung

Executive Director Claire Hsu and Librarian Linda Lee gave a very comprehensive introduction of the history, mission and function of Asia Art Archive which has been expanding not only its premise, but also the breath and depth of its unique archive. This huge and systematic resource centre is free and open to everyone.
"Drinking the Stars!" Champagne, Burgundy and Chablis with Wilson Kwok

Once again our group of wine lovers was blessed with absolutely perfect French skies as we toured the Burgundy, Champagne and Chablis wine producing regions. Our gastronomic adventure included visiting top wineries such as Clos de Vougeot in Burgundy, William Fevre in Chablis, and Moet Chandon Dom Perignon and Deutz in Champagne, as well as dining in Michelin star establishments such as Maison Lameloise (3 stars), L'Hostellerie des Clos (1 star), L'Assiette Champenoise (2 stars) and Les Crayeres (2 stars).
The Art of Branding with Henry Steiner

Without doubt the name 'Henry Steiner' is in itself a prominent 'brand'! We had an overwhelming participation of 45 plus members and guests. Many of these enthusiastic participants directed interesting and stimulating questions throughout the lecture creating an spontaneous and interactive atmosphere between speaker and audience. Sharing his personal experiences and anecdotes as well made this lecture an outstanding event for this season.
"Wuming (No Name 無名) – Art and Solidarity during the Cultural Revolution" with Dr. Wang Aihe (王愛和博士)

With the backdrop of Cultural Revolution, the Wuming group added colours not only on their canvases, but also in each others' lives during the bland livelihood then. Dispersed in different parts of the world after almost 40 years, their paintings and memories will always last.
Xi’an & Dunhuang with Lee Mei-yin (Conducted in Cantonese & Putonghua)

Under the expert guidance of Lee Mei Yin, the group had a close encounter with over 20 pieces of national treasures in Xian and an eye-opening visit to over 40 special caves in Dunhuang. Her explanation had immensely enhanced members’ appreciation of cave-art. All came home with great memories of Dunhuang, and lots of beautiful photographs.
Christie’s Spring Exhibition with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi showed us the highlight pieces of this auction. They are good examples of true connoisseurhip and fine opulence.
Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011 (ART HK 2011)

We always have fun in the Art Fair, viewing a variety of artworks, meeting artists and gallerists. This year, we find our committee member Vanessa Wong and her mother Catherine Kwai on the covers of a special art issue of Tatler given out at the Fair!
"Dance Melodies in Colours – Paintings by Lalan" with Zhao Jialing and Jean-Michel Beurdeley

Through her dance and music video, and further insights shared by Zhao and Beurdeley, the artist Lalan and her works came to life for members in this guided tour. Surrounded by the beautiful colours of her dance melodies, we were impressed by the talents and accomplishments in so many art forms embodied in one woman - Lalan.
Highlights of Dunhuang with Lee Mei-yin (李美賢)

Passionate and knowledgeable Lee Mei Yin gave the fascinating talk, illustrated with her precious slides and collections. It captured the full attention of the audience for almost 3 hours, with only a short break for tea refreshments and home-made muffins.
Annual General Meeting; Guest Speaker: Dr. Joseph Ting (丁新豹博士) - "For China? For Hong Kong! A Reflection on HKU’s Mission in the Past 100 Years"

The 1st AGM of our New Society was successfully held with the Chairman presenting her report with a lively powerpoint. Dr. Joseph Ting’s talk, filled with interesting historical data and stories, attracted over 70 members & guests. One from each table went home with a beautiful centerpiece after dinner.
Poetry in Flowers with Masao Mizukami

Masao amazed the audience with 5 floral demonstrations - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and a Surprise. He talked about the Sa technique and the importance of observation.
Dr. Stacey Pierson Introduction to Chinese Ceramic Technology - Clays, Glazes and Decoration

It was a well-illustrated, knowledge-packed lecture. Everyone enjoyed tremendously Dr. Stacey Pierson's lively and comprehensive presentation. Friendly conversation, wine and delicious dinner followed.
Floating Memories - Exhibition of Paintings by Han Xin (韓盺)

Just before the close of his exhibition - Floating Memories - at The Rotunda, Chinese artist Han Xin gave participants a personal and reflective tour of his artworks. Many reflect impressions from his period as artist-in-residence at Monet's Giverny as well as his commissioned works for Hong Kong Land. Participants were also impressed with the raw talent in Han's early works as seen in his published catalogue.
Sotheby's Spring Auction 2011 Exhibition

Sotheby's 2011 Spring Auction guided tour, showing the finest collections of Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. Sotheby's senior specialist Edie Hu took us on a gallery walk and showed us some magnificent collections in the auction.
A Tour of Sicily, with an Extension to Malta

Sicily is the sun, the sea, the mountains, the fields, the temples, the cathedrals and the medieval fortresses. It is everything and more!
Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving with Ou Dawei (區大為)

We immersed ourselves totally in the morning’s interesting talk on Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving. Ou Dawei talked about his childhood aspirations leading to his passion in calligraphy and philosophy in life. As a special gesture, he wrote in beautiful 隸书 script the name of our Society, which was a very meaningful gift to us all! Through Ou’s mastery skills, one could truly feel the spirit of art in the form of calligraphy and seal carving.
Macao Art Museum with Professor Peter Lam (林業強教授), Lunch and Macao Heritage Sites

Professor Peter Lam began with a concise explanation of various methods used in the making of ceramics and then illustrated with actual examples as he guided us through the exhibition. Lunch at Robuchon was delicious, with afternoon visit to Mandarin House and Guanyin Temple.
Qingbai Wares with Kai-yuen Ng (吳繼遠)

It was a very comprehensive lecture with lots of visual references. At the end of the talk, Ng Ky Yuen led us to see UMAG's permanent collection of Qingbai wares as actual examples.
Appreciating Installation Art with Choi Yan Chi at the Hong Kong Baptist University

Choi Yan Chi started the morning with a guided tour of the Academy located in a heritage building standing amid mature trees in the concrete jungle of Kwun Tong. Her talk and slide presentation were fabulous, eye-opening and insightful for participants in the understanding of installation art, from appreciation to spectator interaction.
The Culture and Status of Chinese Embroidery with Diana Collins

Diana Collins is a textile conservator. The talk was particularly interesting for us living in Hong Kong as we come across Chinese Embroidery and to understand the Chinese cultural important art form.
Norman de Brackinghe

Norman de Brackinghe was a generous host sharing not only the secrets of his trade but also gifting each participant a print of his photographic work. Everyone was impressed by his photographic works as well as the beautiful and orderly collection of his watercolour sketchbooks.
Hangzhou Restaurant

This Michelin One Star Hangzhou Restaurant’s delicacies satisfied everyone’s palate. Specialties served included starters such as: 麻辣肚丝,心太软,杭州酱鸭,and main courses included all time favorites such as東坡肉, 火朣老鸭汤. Chef Ng even shared tips on the preparation of his famous富貴雞. All in all it was a fun and truly enjoyable evening for everyone.
Arts of Asia Headquarter with Tuyet Nguyet Markbreiter

There were many interesting art pieces at the Arts of Asia office. Tuyet Nguyet also showed us the library which had complete major auction catalogues dated back 37 years. The study centre was an ideal place to do research.
HK National Geopark with Professor Chan Lung-sang and Dr. Wong Fook-yee

We started 2011 with a visit to Saikung to see one of our geoparks. It was a lovely day out in the sun, with Prof Chan Lung-sang explaining the history of our rocks and how these beautiful rock formations came about. After a seafood meal in a small family owned Hakka restaurant, we went on to the Lions Nature Education Centre. The day ended with many of us buying organic vegetables and fruits in the Centre! An enriching fruitful day!
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