Past Activities
Heritage Walk: Wanchai, Happy Valley and Causeway Bay with Cheng Po Hung (in Cantonese) 懷舊遊:灣仔、跑馬地、銅鑼灣 - 由鄭寶鴻帶領

It was a very nice day for walking - and in the company of Mr Cheng Po Hung, an expert Hong Kong historian, the walk was even better! Another bonus was walking with like minded friends! Mr Cheng educated us on the history of Hong Kong as seen in the buildings and surroundings. He brought a number of old postcards and photographs to show us all the changes over the years. He also regaled us with some choice ghost stories!!! We had quite a number of non-members joining this heritage walk and as usual, some of us ended up getting to know one another better over a sumptuous lunch!
Enlightening Elegance: Imperial Porcelain of the Mid and Late Ming, The Huaihaitang Collection, with Anthony K. W. Cheung

Saturday morning's guided tour with Anthony Cheung revealed a portrait of a serious collector doing scholarly research into the pieces acquired for his collection. It also showed us the fun he had chasing the pieces and the single mindedness in creating a collection. Anthony began by giving us a historical background of the Ming emperors and then proceeded to show us the pieces from the various periods. Participants bought the catalogue at a discount and Anthony generously donated all the proceeds to the HKU Museum Society. Armed with this catalogue, we all went home with a treasure book that we can read and learn from. A group of us proceed to lunch nearby - where lunch was a continuation of a question and answer session. We thank Anthony for his kind generosity in sharing his passion and knowledge and inspiring us to learn more!
Uncovering Hidden Silk Road Stories: Sogdian Wives, Kroranic Kings and Indian Merchants, with Dr. Susan Whitfield

In an interesting story-telling manner, Dr. Susan Whitfield talked about the lives and culture of long ago on the Silk Road, as well as the expeditions of some important explorers and scholars of recent years, including her own field experiences.
Christie's 2012 Autumn Exhibition with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

Early risers on a cloudy Sunday morning were rewarded with an informative guided tour by Pola Antebi and Rosemary Scott. Christie's Autumn auction offerings ranged from their ceramics and works of art, to furniture, jewellery, watches, etc. Members raised their hands for many questions during the guided tour, and they were also encouraged to raise their hands at the actual auction! A surprised bonus was a guided tour of the contemporary ink painting section. Many members stayed on to view other parts of the show.
Private Dining: Joseph Fung Residence

In this second gourmet dinner, Joe Fung once again affirmed his multi talents. The interior decorations, art collection and unique furniture pieces of his elegant home staged the background of his gourmet presentation served at the beautifully set table with a standout flower arrangement plus exquisite table wares. It was truly a precious experience.
Bonhams 2012 Autumn Exhibition with Julian King

Julian King, Head of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art in Bonhams Hong Kong, gave us a guided tour of some of the finest jade pieces that were being auctioned this season. He showed us exquisite pieces from the Harold E. Stack Collection and gave each of us a catalogue so we can read and appreciate the collector and his collection. A nice way to spend a Saturday morning!
Full Circle: Paintings by David Lam (林鎮輝)

While walking us through his collection of works some of which have never been shown in Hong Kong before, he also narrated the background anecdotes leading to his choice of topics and his methodology. Through his paintings we can feel and understand his emotions at different stages of his life and his philosophy as an artist and human being.
When Gold Blossoms: Indian Jewelry from the Susan L. Beningson Collection

This exhibition of 160 pieces of gold and silver Indian jewelry is unique and exquisite in that every piece has a story to tell. In India jewelry is worn for its ornamental and symbolic qualities. The Element of Nature is more prominent in the Southern Indian jewelry. Whilst 'The Sixteen Adornments' comprises of items that emphasize feminine beauty, Devotional Jewelry denotes the religious aspect. This beautiful collection gives us an in depth understanding of the significance of jewelry in Indian as it is an indicator of social status, identification of one's regional origin, religious affiliation and marital status. To be without jewelry is to be deemed an outcast!!!!
Studio Visit: Simon Birch

Simon Birch shared with us his childhood history leading to his career as an artist. The scenes of the art world of Hong Kong was touched upon followed by his in-depth explanations of his innermost feelings on 'freedom versus restraint', 'violence and aggression versus beauty and calm' which were expressed in most if not all of his beautiful paintings. At the end of this insightful talk we were most fortunate to be given a book of some of his works signed to each of our names.
"Laurence Sickman (1906-1988) and the Chinese Art Collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art" with Dr. Colin Mackenzie

Laurence Sickman started to buy art for the Nelson-Atkins Museum from age 22 while living in China as a Harvard Fellow. Not only had he got a talented eye, but also to be in the right place at the right time, were important factors in amassing this outstanding Chinese art collection.
Students Sharing: Echigo Tsumari 2012 Experience Afternoon Tea with Participants

Five students gave well prepared powerpoint presentations of what they observed and felt at Echigo Tsumari, and how the experience affected them on their return to Hong Kong. A booklet was also compiled. Members of the Museum Society was deeply pleased with the outcome of this sponsorship program.
"A Vigneto with a View" - A Gastronomic Wine Tour of Tuscany and Piedmont

Our enthusiastic group of wine lovers embarked on the third part of our inaugural wine tour series, a gastronomic wine tour of Tuscany and Piedmont. The weather was not always cooperative, so alas we did not always have a "Vigneto with a View"! Still it was such great fun, our discovering together the various Tuscan and Piedmonte wines as well as learning about the art of both hunting and eating truffles! Luckily the sun did come out on occasion so that we had some appreciation of the beautiful countryside famed for inventing the "dolce vita'.
New Trends of 20th Century Chinese Paintings with Dr. Tang Wai Hung (in Cantonese)

Dr. Tang classified 20th century artists into two general categories - those metamorphosed from traditional Chinese arts and those returned from overseas with mixed cultural influences. He also told interesting stories of his personal encounters with some of them.
Myanmar (Burma) The Golden Land

The 10 day tour of all the major sights in Myanmar, took our group of 18 to Yangon, Mandalay, one night cruise on the RV Paukan 2012 down the Irrawaddy to Bagan and finally to serene Inle Lake. We were blessed with clear blue skies and sunny weather. We visited the famous Mahamuni Buddha in Mandalay, admired the sunset at the U Bein teak bridge, took a local boat to Mingun, sat on horse carts, buffalo carts and fast long boats, visited so many beautiful temples and monasteries that were so diverse in structure and housed wonderful images of Buddha, climbed many steps in bare feet (some so hot they burnt you) and relaxed on the newest teak boat on the river. Our finale was the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival in Inle Lake where at the first light of the rising sun we followed the Royal Golden barge holding the four venerated Buddhas being pulled by a large procession of long boats filled with leg rowers and dancing girls. The atmosphere at the leg rowing races in Nyaung Shwe was electrifying and filled with color from all the local villagers in their traditional tribal costumes. Our sunset visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon was the perfect culmination of our trip to Myanmar.
Chinese Tea, 論茶清敘 (in Cantonese)

Elmond Yeung pointed out the characteristics of Pu'er Tea and Wuyi Tea, along with proper ways of storage, brewing and appreciation. He also elucidated the essential features of tea utensils beyond their decorative motifs. Moreover, he explained the art of tea as an integral part of Chinese culture and life philosophy.
Private Kitchen of Chiu Chow (Chaozhou) Cuisine

A total of 31 members and friends gathered at the relaxed and elegant ambience of Uncle Lam's Private Kitchen to enjoy a sumptuous and delicious Chiu Chow menu which included a traditional char-grilled fresh conch, goose braised in a dark sauce, abalone terrine and many more. After dinner Uncle Lam's young nephew Chef Alan came out to talk to us about his experiences and ambition. It was a fun and enjoyable evening for all.
Paul Lau Kwok-leung's Gallery and Butterfly Garden in Lamma Isand

While walking to Paul Lau's Gallery we picked up various information on 'butterfly watching' which is known to be the largest 'watching' second to bird watching. We learned that rare plants breed rare butterflies and also different kinds of fruit trees such as banana or mango trees would attract certain species of butterflies. Banana tree butterfly's caterpillars know how to build their 'houses' on the banana leaves! On Lamma Island there are approximately 100 kinds of butterflies. Interesting and beautiful photos in the Gallery depict lives and culture of the Gui Zhou minorities. All in all it was a stimulating morning of learning and exercising which ended with a delicious seafood sharing at the 'Lamma Hilton'.
"書香世代 - A Home Imbued with the Perfume of Books" with Oi Ling Chiang

Oil Ling Chiang shared with us her knowledge and passion for Chinese rare books, drawing our attention to various methods of printing, kinds of papers used, binding techniques, etc. She also showed us the proper way to turn a page and how to keep books when not in use. The exhibition was museum-like, with scholarly objects and rare books from her private collection. To each of our participants, she generously gave a beautiful cloth-bound catalogue of this special exhibition.
Chinese Tea, 論茶清敘 (in Cantonese)

Yeung talked about the history of Chinese tea since the Tang Dynasty, the evolution of brewing method, packaging for storage and tea utensils used. One green tea and one red tea Edmond were served for the participants.
Chinese Tea, 論茶清敘 (in Cantonese)

Elaine Lau continued the talk with the growing of單欉in潮汕area. She explained the great varieties of name for these tea leaves in relevance to either their shape, their fragrance and the stories behind. Three different單欉 with different fragrance were served
"The Majesty of All Under Heaven: The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor" & "A Lofty Retreat from the Red Dust: The Secret Garden of Emperor Qianlong"

The History Museum used cutting edged technology to bring to life the Qin era of the terracotta soldiers. Curator Brian K.F. Lam welcomed our group and introduced us to Assistant Curator Nai-kwan Wong and Charlene Liu who together guided us through the impressive exhibition, drawing our attention to the highlights in each section. Their commentary throughout the guided walk gave us additional insights into the life and times of ancient China. After dim sum lunch, art docent Kitty Shum guided us through the HK Museum of Art's exhibition on the secret garden of the Emperor Qianlong. She showed us the treasures that the Emperor commissioned for his personal use and enjoyment, and in the process led us to a deeper understanding of the emperor's life and philosophy.
Chinese Tea, 論茶清敘 (in Cantonese)

Elaine Lau gave a brief introduction of the classification of tea and their processing, emphasizing on Oolong tea. Participants were served with 3 different武夷岩茶which included the famous大紅袍.
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware and Vegetarian Dim Sum Lunch at Lock Cha Tea House with Anita Y.F. Wong

Anita Wong showed us not only the history and exhibition area of the Flagstaff Museum, but also its restricted verandah and the wine cellar. She told us about the late Dr. K.S. Lo, the teaware collection and tea culture of China through various dynasties. Vegetarian dim sums and specialty teas were served with warm friendships during lunch.
"Every Picture Tells a Story - Some Memories and Encounters of a Non-collector" by Professor Michael Sullivan

Prof Michael Sullivan's lecture, aptly entitled Every Picture Tells a Story, chronicles how he became accidentally a "collector" of Chinese paintings. More importantly, it is a story of his friendship with the artists, many of them personal friends. The paintings were gifts and so every one of them has a story, shining in each story is the warmth and humanity of Prof Sullivan. We were all treated to a wonderful evening sharing in the friendships made all those long ago years.
PENANG: A Visit to Historic George Town with Dr. Wong Yee Tuan (黄裕端) and Mr. Tan Yeow Wooi (陳耀威)

Dr. Wong Yee Tuan (黄裕端) and Mr. Tan Yeow Wooi (陳耀威) made our visit to historic George Town, Penang educational and enriching. We saw UNESCO Heritage buildings - with Chinese, Indian and Malay features, and also had a glimpse of some British colonial influences. With lingering taste of nyonya cuisine in our memories, we hope to visit Penang again.
'Myanmar (Burma) – The Political Scene' with Professor Ian Holliday

Prof Ian Holliday gave a very informative lecture and his PowerPoint presentation complemented the talk with clear graphic images of Burma, the country now known as Myanmar. For those going on the Burma trip, the lecture gave a lot of insight into the political life of the country. There was a lot of lively questions - that lasted through the nice dinner!
Modern Chinese Painting Techniques Workshop Series: Fibre Texturing "現代水墨技法工作坊" 系列之<抽筋剝皮法>

Artist Leung Tung Choi presented various fibre texturing techniqes in a humorous manner, with audience participation all through. Combinations of Batik dye tying, wax resist, foam stamping, paper crumpling methods were skilfully demonstrated and applied to ink painting.
Modern Chinese Painting Techniques Workshop Series: Water Marbling "現代水墨技法工作坊" 系列之<水拓法>

In the third of a series of Modern Painting Techniques Workshops, artist Anita Lau presented a video of her work and demonstrated the water marbling technique. With care and attention, Lau manipulated color acrylics and ink in a pan of water. From there, she dipped a sheet of paper and created an abstract painting to the delight of a large crowded audience.
Modern Chinese Painting Techniques Workshop Series: Ink Staining "現代水墨技法工作坊" 系列之<漬墨法>

Artist Eddy Chan manipulated colours and ink magically between a plastic sheet and rice paper using brushes, drop bottles, water spray, pebbles and even 3M fabric guard. He encouraged participants to experiment, explore and invent their own ways. It was fun!
HKU Museum Society 25th Anniversary Fundraising Event, Culinary Evenings: 'Les Plaisirs de Monsieur Paul Bocuse'

Members were welcomed with a champagne reception at the beautiful new House of Gaggenau, the venue for the two culinary evenings of 'Les Plaisirs de Monsieur Paul Bocuse'. Wendy Siu, Founder of Heather & March impressed members with her grace and wisdom as she shared her menu for 'The Art of Entertaining'. Executive Chef Federico Duarte guided everyone through a discovery of the sophisticated cuisine of Paul Bocuse. (Imagine the fun of cooking with 10 fellow members!) The fun continued with the plating and savouring of the delicious dishes that were collectively prepared. The noisy exchange over dinner was a good indication that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Modern Chinese Painting Techniques Workshop Series: Paper Rubbing "現代水墨技法工作坊" 系列之<紙拓法>

The first of a series of 4 Chinese painting technique workshops started off with a big bang. Over 140 people came to watch the video of contemporary artist Liu Guosong explain, demonstrate and show his art work using the paper rubbing technique. The live demonstration by Chan Shing Kau was eagerly watched with many ohhhs and ahhhs. The audience gamely tried their hands at using the same technique to produce their own paintings, many of them proudly bearing their artworks home! A wonderful Saturday afternoon summer treat at our museum!
PICASSO - Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris at the HK Heritage Museum with Dr. Alma Mikulinsky

A bright sunny Saturday morning greeted us for our guided tour of the Picasso exhibition with Dr Alma Mikulinsky. Her scholarly and informative insights into the life and works of Picasso gave us all a better understanding of the man and the artist. After the guided tour, some of us had dimsum lunch with Dr Mikulinsky. Aside from Picasso's art, there was also a lively discussion on Cantonese culinary arts!
Stacy Gould on 'To have and to Hold Or To Throw and Say Goodbye?'

Stacy Gould started the evening with a set of notes for us - the who, what, when, where and how of archiving, all neatly placed in a plastic folder, with a pencil! This was a great way to show that archiving should be done systematically, that pencil with no eraser is better for use in archiving! If you have to ask why no eraser head, then you should have come to the lecture!! Afterwards, a delicious meal where conversation on archiving law was further discussed.
Angus Forsyth on 'Flying Manbirds and Fairies - Chinese Jade Parallels Intertwining Shamanism and Buddhism'

Angus Forsyth's talk and PowerPoint presentation enriched our knowledge and appreciation of jade, not just as an ornament to be worn and shown, but as a ritualistic and religious object of veneration. Angus showed us images of apsaras in Buddhist caves, as well as angels in Christian monasteries. He ended the lecture by showing us some actual pieces. As jade is a very tactile object, we felt extremely privileged to be able to hold them in our hands. The evening ended with a wonderful meal - food for the mind followed by food (and drinks too!) for the body.
Yeung Chun-tong on 'Song Ceramics and Daily Life'

UMAG Director Yeung Chun-tong gave a broad overview about the many factors in the Song society that influenced the styles of Song ceramics. These include the religious influences of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism that permeated into the living styles of their clothing, food, wine, tea and flower appreciation. Armed with these new insights, participants toured UMAG's exhibition - Monochrome Wares of the Song and Yuan Dynasties - with better understanding and appreciation.
A Connective History of Qing Art - Visuality, Images and Imaginaries

Twenty scholars from overseas and HKU participated in this two-and-a-half-day conference with paper presentation sessions followed by discussions. The papers were well researched and discussions insightful. A complimentary lunch was arranged for our members to meet and talk with the scholars. It was a very rewarding and successful conference. Thanks to Dr. Yeewan Koon who organized this.
Guided Tour of UMAG Exhibition, 'Monochrome Wares from the Song to the Yuan dynasties' (宋金元朝的單色釉瓷) with Yeung Chun-tong

Event cancelled, combined with 08/06/2012 lecture on Song Ceramics and Daily Life.
Annual General Meeting, Guest Speaker: François Curiel on 'Art Market and Its Trends'

We had a full house for our AGM this year. Chairman Bonnie gave a powerpoint report on the activities and achievements of the Museum Society in 2011. Speaker Francois Curiel shared with us statistics of the rapid uprising Chinese art markets compared to the world's established art markets. Chinese antiquities, Chinese artists as well as Chinese auction houses are becoming increasingly important. Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai have joined New York, Paris and London to be top art centres of the world.
Christie's 2012 Spring Exhibition with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

It was a great way to spend Sunday morning with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi who gave us an excellent guided tour of Christie's auction items. They walked us through some of the highlights of the sale - dragon robes, ceramics, bronzes, cloisonne, lacquer ware, etc. Members certainly felt it was well worth getting up early on a Sunday morning!
Bonhams Spring Auction Preview with Julian King

An early Saturday morning start for the guided tour with our Bonhams' expert Julian King who enlightened us about Yixing Stoneware and some scholar's objects. We were all generously given a catalogue so that we can refer to the objects Julian showed us and talked about. After feasting our eyes on the Yixing tea wares, Julian gave us a quick tour of the other galleries. A morning well spent!
Exhibition, 'Divine Power - The Dragon in Chinese Art' with Chris Hall and Tina Pang

Our delightful morning tour to Divine Power - Dragon in Chinese Art was led by Chris Hall who owns quite a number of robes and old textile pieces with dragon motifs. Tina Pang enlightened us on more dragon motifs in ceramics and bronze pieces. The morning passed all too quickly, with several members and friends planning a return visit to this gem of an exhibition.
Sunday Matinee: A Talk on The Future of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting with Tang Zhigang

Tang Zhigang is as captivating a person as the subjects that fill his canvas. He recalls his own path through the years and contemplates the challenges that many contemporary artists face in China today. We felt touched, privileged and inspired with Tang and his art.
Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012 (Art HK 12)

Art HK12 is bigger than before and we had 2 SCAD post graduate students - Michael and Yael - guide us through some of the highlights of the show. They brought us to several galleries where the gallery owner or the artist were on hand to share with us their viewpoints and insights. Afterwards, several members went off to have a well deserved coffee break and put up their feet (so to speak!) - or maybe that was performance art?
Private Dining: Joseph Fung Residence - A 25th Anniversary Fundraising Event

The experience at Joseph's home for dinner was just beyond wonderful. He was a most charming host and the company was delightful. The interior decoration, music, art collection, candles, flower arrangement, tablewares all blended perfectly with the finest gourmet meal, which was thoughtfully matched with the choicest wines. The fragrance of truffles lingered in the air and in the mind for a long long time...
'Picasso's Unknown Masterpieces' with Dr. Alma Mikulinsky

Even though there is much that we know about the artist Picasso, this evening lecture of Dr Alma Mikulinsky turned out to be an evening of learning and fun - looking at unknown Picasso. She gave us new insights and much food for thought. A fitting preview of how Picasso "controlled' his own art work - and an appetizer event for our coming guided tour of the Picasso show for Le French May
Home Visit - Mimi Hung

Finally, we got to see this world famous Chinese furniture collection of Mimi Wang Hung. It was nice to see how she actually used them in daily life, as well as tastefully and harmoniously put them together in a modern home setting. She also shared some interesting stories about her artist grandfather with us.
The Legislative Council Complex with LegCo Secretary General Pauline Ng

Pauline Ng, the Legco Secretary General, arranged a feast for us - a morning spent looking at the art works in the new Legco Building. On entering the building, we were greeted by Cornelia Erdhann's The People - which set the tone for the rest of the morning. WOW is the main expression heard. Several members and friends went to the Legco cafeteria to try the classic Hong Kong drink - a combination of tea and coffee before heading off to dimsum - another Hong Kong classic!
2011 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Hong Kong with Joan Leung (Part 2)

Joan Leung guided us through the various exhibitions of this year's Bicity Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture on the theme Tri-cipocal Cities: The Time, The Place, The People. She arranged for one of the curators, Anderson Lee, to take our group around. Tris Kee was on hand to help us discover the different layers of architecture concepts. William Lim and Kevin Lim spoke to us about the art works they created. A great day outing - even the weather cooperated.
'Spring Concerto in Kyoto with Shokunin and Flowers'

In spite of heavy rain the day prior, the specular viewing of sakura at the Nijo Castle and Sagagoryu Flowers Festival were none the less overwhelmingly beautiful and admired by all. Who would have guessed that the famous camera "Canon" originated from the word "Kwanon" actually means "Buddhist Goddess of Mercy"!! The beautiful artwork of 2 dragons at the ceiling of The Kenninji with their "open and shut" mouth representing the first and last syllable of the Japanese character depicts the origin, combination and conclusion of the cosmic system! All this plus the interesting talk of the Shokuninns along side the display of their intricate products made our Kyoto visit a fabulous cultural experience.
'Korean Contemporary Artists in the Global Art Scene' with Jiyoon Lee & Seoul Auction's Spring 2012 Exhibition

Jacqueline Shin of Seoul Auction welcomed members to their special lecture by leading Korean curator, Jiyoon Lee on 'Korean Contemporary Artists in the Global Art Scene'. In her talk, Lee gave an excellent overview of major Korean contemporary artists and how they have come to prominence in today's international art scene. Participants enjoyed tea refreshments before embarking on a tour of the auction exhibition with Shin.
Shokunin and Flowers with T.K. Tan and Elaine Koo

Through the talk we learnt that Shokunin's history though dated back hundreds of years ago yet their influence on Japanese culture is still prevalent. Ikebana is a topic close to the hearts of the Japanese people who reveres 'Mother Nature" as a source of life. This informative and educational talk being a prelude to our April 14th Spring Concerto in Kyoto trip attracted a good turn up of interested participants.
'An Art Fair to Remember' Visiting TEFAF Maastricht 2012, & Berlin with Professor Puay-peng Ho

Seeing highlights of Berlin - Neues Museum, Berlinische Galerie, Reichstag, Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, etc.. was spectacular. We were offered a special private viewing of the wall paintings in the Dahlem Museum fur Asiatische Kunst taken from the 20th century Central Asian expeditions, a special treat under the guidance of Professor PP Ho. Onwards to the European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht under the wings of Robin Markbreiter, members were charmed with over 30,000 works of art. Along the way, we savored culinary artistry from restaurants awarded with a combined total of 10 Michelin stars.
Dr. Roslyn Lee Hammers, 'Beyond Beauty – Regarding the Peony in the Tang to Yuan Dynasties'

With peony as the centre of her lecture, Dr Rosyln Lee Hammers presented various images of this flower as depicted in various paintings and cups. She told us that at one time, there was such an interest in peonies that rare breeds were traded like stocks and shares with corresponding dizzy high prices - like our present stock markets!! After the lecture, several commented that next time we see a peony, we shall see not only a flower but her wide range of historical and artistic allusions!
Jewish Synagogue Visit and Kosher Dinner for the Purim Festival

Our visit to the synagogue began with a short introduction to Jewish history and culture by Richard Winston. He talked about the synagogue and the Purim Festival. As he rightly pointed out, it is hard to do a whole history in 45 minutes! He kindly showed us a wonderful treasure trove of scrolls!! Afterwards, we had sumptuous and delicious dinner in one of the truly kosher restaurants in Hong Kong, complete with challah bread and hamantaschen. We ended our meal with nana tea and the most wonderful ice cream in Hong Kong!!
Imperial Monochrome Porcelains of the Yuan to Qing Dynasties with Richard Kan (簡永楨)

A versatile and ardent collector, Richard Kan gave a very systematic approach to appreciating imperial monochrome porcelains. He also supplemented the talk with comprehensive handouts. Q/A afterward was interesting and humorous. Many stayed on to chat and enjoy some light refreshments.
Asia Society Hong Kong Center's Inaugural Exhibition 'Transforming Minds – Buddhism in Art' & Professor Puay-peng Ho 'Devotion and Patronage: Why and How Buddhist Monasteries Were Built'

Perched on the hills above Admiralty, the new Asia Society Hong Kong Center is a gem built upon historic colonial buildings. Walking through the connecting bridges and open walkways gives an uplifting sense and reminder of tree houses in the wilderness, a unique contradiction to Hong Kong's urban density. The inaugural exhibition and Prof PP Ho's talk are great cultural programs to whet our appetite for more ahead. Congratulations, Asia Society HK!
Authentic Italian Home-style Cooking

Museum Society member and former Cultural Officer of the Consulate General of Italy, Gabriella Giubilei arranged for our members a special Italian dinner at her favorite trattoria, La Piazzeta. Chef and owner, Paolo Donati prepared a sumptous menu featuring specialties from the various regions of his home country. It was truly a gastronomic tour of Italy!
UMAG Exhibition: Virtuous Heritage - Xu Family of Guangzhou with Humphrey Hui and Danny Hui

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning learning about the Xu clan and how their family history is intertwined intimately with the history of modern China. Descendants Humphrey and Danny Hui brought history alive at their guided tour. Humphrey even kindly shared an article to give us useful background information before the guided tour. After the tour, some of us continued the discussion during a casual, leisurely lunch at the Senior Common Room.
2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen with Joan Leung

Our first event for the Year of the Dragon is a trip to Shenzhen where we saw many new things and possibilities. Many of us were touched differently by the different exhibits. The cold day was warmed by the hot lunch and even more by warm friendships among members of the HKU Museum Society and the Friends of the Museum of Arts. We all look forward to more joint events!!
Triple Treats in Macau: Macao Art Museum with Yeung Chun-tong (楊春棠), Gourmet Lunch at Don Alfonso, and Macau Heritage Walk & Talk with Dr. Francisco Pinheiro

Despite prediction of rain and cold weather, the day turned out to be dry and crispy cool. Our morning was spent admiring Song ceramics at the Macao Museum of Art. In the afternoon, we listened to a lecture on Macau's history and then walked some of the UNESCO heritages sites In between we had a gourmet lunch in Don Alfonso's. The combination of food for the mind and food for the body made for a great day out!
Tung Lung Chau and Po Toi Island with Professor Chan Lung-sang (陳龍生教授)

What a wonderful way to discover the beautiful natural scenery of 2 of Hong Kong's many islands. Prof Chan educated, entertained and inspired us to look at rocks and see the history written in them. A morning walk in Tung Lung Chau was followed by a nice seafood lunch in Po Toi. We saw the rock carvings, evidence of early civilisation in Hong Kong, before heading to Aberdeen and back to land! Thank you Professor Chan!
Museum and Society - Social Ideologies of Museum Architecture with Dr. Lee Ho Yin (李浩然博士)

The visual presentation of this lecture was very impressive. Lee talked about the origin and changing roles of museums throughout history and in different parts of the world. He also explained how the development of technology, and the ever evolving needs of society, have influenced the architectural design, infrastuctures and functions of the modern museums.
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