Past Activities
Splendid Images: Chinese Painting from the Eryi Caotang Collection With Dr. Josh Yiu (姚進莊博士)

A morning spent looking at beautiful Chinese paintings from the Eryi Caotang Collection was made more special by Dr. Josh Yiu. Josh highlighted some of the paintings and pointed out interesting details helping us better appreciate the works of art. After a morning surrounded by art works, we went on to a delicious lunch.
Once Upon a Dream - A Musical Fest for Members and Family With C. Kenneth Lee

Over 80 members and guests with children enjoyed the festive Christmas atmosphere at the museum. C. Kenneth Lee sang many well loved songs supported by 3 lovely ladies, Jane, Anne and Laura. The song "Let it Go" was the highlight for the children especially when snow-like confetti floated down from the gallery. The Jaderin Voices Choir sang 2 Christmas carols followed by a happy singalong with all the audience.
Sham Shui Po (深水埗) with Dr. Joseph Ting (丁新豹博士)

Cliche as it sounds, there are so many hidden gems in Hong Kong and Shamshuipo is certainly one of them. We visited old tenement buildings - escapees from the wrecking ball in the name of modernization. Among these is the Mei Ho House which is converted to a youth hostel with a great exhibition on life in Hong Kong's first public housing. Every stopping point on our walk marked Kowloon's early history. We ended with lunch in a private kitchen inside a factory building - a fitting setting for this area that used to be full of garment factories!
Western Kyushu: The Land of Passion, Fire & Wind

We were blessed with glorious viewings of autumn maple leaves in all shades of yellow, orange, red and pink throughout our travels of Western Kyushu. Particularly breathtaking is the beauty of the 400 year old momiji tree from the Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin Temple which is also home for the Mokuzo Senjukannon Ritsuzo (Wooden Thousand-Armed Goddess of Mercy). An unscheduled visit to the old HSBC Building in Nagasaki offered us a special look into Dr. Sun Yat-sen's personal connection with Umeya Shokichi and Nagasaki through precious photographs and film footage rarely seen in Hong Kong and China.
Imperial Treasures: The Arts of the Russian Tsars With Dr. Florian Knothe

Dr Florian Knothe gave us a lecture followed by a guided tour of the “Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo, Residence of the Russian Monarch”. The Exhibition features over 200 exquisite items on loan from the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum, including paintings, costumes, porcelain, weapons and other works of art which introduces the history and culture of Russia under the Romanov Dynasty from the early 18th to the early 20th century. The tour was followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant.
Boat Trip to Sharp Island (橋咀洲), High Island (糧船灣洲) and Kau Sai Chau (滘西洲) with Professor Chan Lung-sang (陳龍生教授)

Prof Chan Lung Sang brought us on a historical journey by looking at ancient rocks - some million of years when Hong Kong had active volcanoes spewing lava and rocks to form these wonderfully beautiful creations. Sharp Island with strange rocks looking like the local delicacy, pineapple buns; High Island where we had a delicious seafood lunch and Kau Sai Chau with an old restored Hung Sing Temple were enjoyed by all - in spite of the light drizzle. A day spent looking at beautiful natural scenery in a very quiet part of Hong Kong! Already everyone is looking forward to exploring more islands with Prof Chan!
Don't Miss - Closing Party with Lecture on Picasso’s Ceramic Oeuvre: of Owls, Pigeons and Corrida by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky

Many attended the evening to bid farewell to Picasso’s Ceramic Oeuvre. It was a wonderful evening starting with a wine and cheese reception. Undoubtedly the highlight of the evening was the lecture by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky. The rare viewing of the sculptures and artworks under the guidance of Dr. Mikulinsky and Dr. Knothe was so valuable to appreciating the famous Spanish painter.
Studio Visit - Rosanna Li Wei Han

Rosanna Li showed us her delightful collection of toys giving us a glimpse of her childhood passion which shaped her development as a ceramics sculptor. She also gave a quick demonstration where she magically created a lovable figure from handfull of clay.
Guided Visit to PMQ

PMQ at 35 Aberdeen Street (Soho) is a unique hub for design and creative industries. Executive Director Victor Tsang guided us through some of the hidden sites, such as the underground interpretation area. The tour ended with a talk by Prof. Ho Puay Peng on conservation and a delicious lunch at Vasco, a trendy Spanish restaurant.
“The Road to Champagne” A Gastronomic Wine Tour of Champagne and Burgundy with Mr. Wilson Kwok

Our gastronomic wine tour of Champagne and Burgundy could not have been more perfect: paying homage at celebrated champagne houses and grand cru burgundy wineries; indulging oneself at Michelin starred meals, and concurrently learning the skill of perfectly matching fabulous wines with amazing menus. As one of our participants exclaimed, with hardly any remorse, "the only drawback of our wine and food adventure were the additional kilos going home with us!”
Boat trip to Ninepin (果洲) and Waglan Islands (橫瀾島) with Professor Chan Lung-sang (陳龍生教授)

Due to inclement weather affecting the wind and water currents, this trip was cancelled. Prof Chan has now kindly arranged for us another date, Saturday 8 November, 2014 and another destination - Sharp Island (橋咀洲), High Island (糧船灣洲) and Kau Sai Chau (滘西洲).
Sinicising Catholic Architecture in China and Hong Kong: the “Sino-Christian Style” and the Challenge of Inculturation with Dr. Thomas Coomans

Dr. Thomas Coomans presented a very interesting lecture on the policy of inculturation (or localization) in the Catholic church which let to Sino-Christian architectural style of churches and seminaries built around the 1930-40s. After rounds of Q & A, members enjoyed great conversations over wine and a 3 course dinner at the Club Lusitano.
Ceramic as an Art Form: From Domestic Goods to Modern Sculptures with Dr Florian Knothe

UMAG Museum Director Dr. Florian Knothe gave an interesting lecture on how domestic ceramics became modern sculptures in the hands of artists such as Picasso. An enthusiastic question and answer session was followed by Dr. Knothe taking a large group on a guided tour of the recently opened exhibition "Picasso Ceramics from the Nina Miller Collection".
Fashion Forges the Nation: Dress in Eighteenth-Century Europe with Dr. Alicia Weisberg-Roberts

Dr. Alicia Weisberg-Roberts presented an enlightening lecture on the development of dress in the eighteenth century Europe. In addition to the many illustrations of fashionable dresses from this period, particularly the "table" court dress, it's interesting to note the influence of the Japanese kimono on European fashion.
Queen’s College Old Boys’ Association

Members enjoyed the friendly and casual atmosphere of the Queen's College Old Boys' Association. Some of the best dishes on the menu included almond & pork lung soup, oysters prepared with Osmanthus flowers, crispy sesame chicken and Chiu Chow fried rice.
It Begins with Metamorphosis: Xu Bing with Dr. Yeewan Koon

Being guided through this Xu Bing's exhibition by curator Dr Yeewan Koon gave us insights into the artist thoughts behind his installations and the difficulty of putting on living installations e.g. the plant which now has turned into bare twigs covered with silk worm cocoons. Everyone enjoyed her expert explanations and someone even said it was the best tour she has gone on for some time.
Broadway Musical Theatre throughout the Ages – An Interactive Performance with C. Kenneth Lee

Kenneth and Jessica gave a brilliant performance yesterday at the Museum. Their talents captured the heart of everyone in the audience. All the songs were popular and melodious. The utilisation of the balcony gave more dimension to the stage. What a truly wonderful Broadway experience at the Museum!
Christie’s 2014 Spring Exhibition with Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi

A visit to the Christie’s auction exhibition is to wander into an Aladdin’s cave full of wondrous treasures. Today’s visit was no exception. Guided by Rosemary Scott and Pola Antebi, 18 members and guests including a 5 year old student saw some of the highlights including a pair of Imperial painted enamel gu vases, a working Imperial Guangdong made musical clock from the Qianlong period, intricately embroidered Imperial robes, and a rare blue and white dragon jar from the Yuan Dynasty.
The Crossroads of East and West A cultural trip to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan with Dr Joseph Ting

To be on the road for half a month is a long time but there was so much to see, to learn and to experience, not to mention to eat! Dr Joseph Ting gave us a historical overview of this ancient region and bearing this in mind, we embarked on our trip. We were much impressed by the collections in the various museums visited in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Our thanks to the museum curators who educated us further. Already everyone in the group is already looking forward to the next Silk Road trip!!
Guest Speaker – Professor Peter Mathieson From Kidneys to Museums

This year's AGM was one that marked the beginning of a new era with Dr. Peter Mathieson taking over as the new VC and Dr. Christina Mathieson commencing as Museum Society's new Patron. Chairman Bonnie having led the Society for 5 years will step down to be succeeded by VC Yvonne. Under Bonnie's staunch leadership and relentless dedication, the Society enjoyed wonderful and fruitful years of learning and growth. Dr. Mathieson, Professor on Renal Medicine presented a talk on his speciality and then continued with a brief introduction of his family, his thoughts and impression of Hong Kong and his new position. The Society presented a check of $3,300,000 to UMAG as its annual contribution to UMAG. We had a full house of close to100 participants and enjoyed a sit down dinner with a sumptuous menu. All in all it was a wonderful evening of friendship, camaraderie and bonding.
Three Cutting-Edge Architectural Projects in Hong Kong: Zero Carbon Building, Maggie’s Centre, and Xiqu Centre with Dr. Ronald Lu

Using the Zero Carbon Building, Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre, and the Xiqu Centre as examples, which his company collaborated with Frank Gehry and Bing Thom, Dr. Ronald Lu illustrated how the spirit of architecture should weave together beauty and truth, people and the environment.
The Land Between Two Seas with Dr. Joseph Ting

In conjunction with the forthcoming trip to the Caucasus region, Dr Joseph Ting gave a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the area. Her strategic location is both a blessing and a curse. From ancient times, nations have fought over these lands, merchants and monks have marched along side the soldiers - leaving traces of their footprints. Over 60 people came to listen and almost half of them joined dinner, where conversation about the Caucasus continued.
2nd Edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong

Nature, Culture and the Divine: In Search of the Sacred Path with Professor Puay-peng Ho

This journey is a magical connection between the ancient past and present. The tour traveled through the Benesse Art Sites in the islands of Teshima, Inujima and Naoshima where original works or modern art and architecture were showcased. From the magical islands to Kyoto, Nara, Ise and Kumano, we visited grand shrines, ancient temples, and one of Japan's world heritage sites, Toshodaiji. The tour ended on a pilgrimage walking trail at Kumano Kodo, another Unesco World heritage site belonging to the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kili Mountain Range. Everybody enjoyed the therapeutic onsens and their stay at the ryokan. The 9 day journey was most delightful and inspiring to all of us. Needless to say we had a wonderful selections of Japanese cuisine.
Jardines - A Legacy of Change with Dr. Ritchie Bent

Dr Ritchie Bent’s talk on Jardines - A Legacy of Change, was an entertaining journey through the history of Jardine Matheson, a company established in Guangzhou in 1832. Via a series of anecdotal stories, the tale of how William Jardine, a ship’s surgeon became a trader of the “alternative medicine” opium and how this evolved into the Asian company with a Scottish heritage, the Jardines as we know it today, was brought vividly to life. Ritchie then guided us through the Jardine offices to view the many special paintings, sketches and photographs in the Jardines collection.
The Hong Kong Heritage Project

A privileged group of 10 were guided by Ameilia Allsop to view the archive of the Kadoorie family (The HK Heritage Project). Business and personal papers spanning 100 years, some very fragile, were opened for us to view.
Asian Art Hong Kong with Yifawn Lee

The rain did not dampen our spirits as we met Yifawn Lee of Orientations magazine on a tour of selected galleries for Asian Art HK. At our first stop at Knapton Rasti Chinese Art Gallery, Nader Rasti talked about his jade collection and generously encouraged us to touch and feel the wonderful pieces. Then it was off to Hollywood Gallery where owner Hon Lau presented a smiling and welcoming statue from the Yuan period which later evolved into a fierce looking guardian in the Ming period. Charles Wong at Ever Arts Gallery demonstrated how Chinese wooden furniture is assembled and made strong - without any use of nails! Our last stop-K.Y. Fine Art, K.Y. Ng welcomed us to his exhibition of Scholar's Objects, explaining each so we can appreciate them more. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon, learning about the precious treasures of these galleries.
Nature, Culture and the Divine: In Search of the Sacred Path with Professor Puay-peng Ho

Professor PP Ho explored the mystery and sacredness of the land of Shinto legends and god in Kumano. He traced the pilgrimage route to the Grand Shrines of Ise, highlighting the Inner Shrine (Naiku) where Amaterasu Omikami, the deity of food, housing and clothing is worshipped, and the Outer Shrine (Geku) where Yoyouke Omikami, the deity of agriculture and industry is worshipped. Based on the Shinto belief of death and renewal of nature, and the impermanence of all things, the Ise Shrines are rebuilt every 20 years, with its 62nd rebuilding completed in 2013.
The “3 Art Worlds” of Chinese Contemporary Art with Examples from the Hanart 100: Idiosyncrasies Exhibition with Johnson Chang (Tsong-zung Chang 張頌仁)

Johnson Chang analyzed the 3 art worlds that constitute Chinese contemporary art are that of the worlds of Traditional Literati, People's Republic of China, and Taiwan-HongKong-Macau. And Chinese contemporary art today is a platform where cultural, political and social power interplay together to create some very interesting and unique artworks, which quickly capture international attention.
Arabian Days and Caspian Nights - Doha, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Baku in Azerbaijan

Our group returned to Hong Kong so very exhausted, but at the same time so incredibly exhilarated by all that they had seen during their whirlwind trip through Doha, Dubai and Baku: the amazing art pieces, the fabulous private collections, the world class architectural masterpieces, and of course, Art Dubai and all of the wonderfully interesting people who had so graciously welcomed us into their homes and galleries. It was truly an unforgettable eye opening and privileged experience for all of us!
Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture

The Tao Heung Group has a history of 22 years and has built a network of over 120 restaurants in Hong Kong and Southern China. The visit to their Fo Tan Centre was interesting and informative. Their Food Museum situated on the 1st floor of the building had an array of display on all food related items such as old utensils, china wares, tea pots etc. Interesting old tales on the 'lifting of the tea pot lid during Yum Cha' and details of the 1977 Moon Hong Feast 滿漢宴captivated all ears. Lunch was sumptuous and delicious!!
Hiking Dragon’s Back with VC Professor Lap-Chee Tsui & Patron Mrs. Ellen Tsui

We all got up for an early morning ride from Central to To Tei Wan along Shek O Road to begin our hike up the Dragon's Back. The undulating back of the Dragon offered an interesting hike going up and down the ridges of the Dragon. We were richly rewarded with scenic views of Hong Kong's natural beauty. After a morning's hard work of climbing up and down, we tucked into a delicious Thai meal in Shek O and a little walk in the village after the meal. A few minutes after we got on the bus for the ride back to Central, it started to rain! A big thank you to our VC Prof Tsui and our patron, Ellen, for arranging great weather on top of taking us on this outing to see yet another beautiful part of Hong Kong.
“Happy Birthday Chopin!” Piano Recital by Justin Wong

Justin Wong gave a breath-taking performance of Chopin's popular piano pieces, intertwined with talks on Chopin's life and sources of creative inspiration. Various dance music and Chopin-inspired songs were introduced to the full-house of enchanted audience. Tea refreshments with a piano-shaped birthday cake and home-baked palmiers were enjoyed by all.
Woven Paintings in the Qing Dynasty with Dr. Florian Knothe

Dr Knothe shared many fascinating insights into the history of tapestries in the West and in China. Through slides of intricately woven pieces, Dr Knothe illustrated the evolution of the art form: how Western tapestries influenced the development of kesi in China, and how techniques and materials used in China in turn influenced those in the West. The use for these tapestries was also vastly different: for public propaganda purposes in the West vs private enjoyment by the Imperial Court in China.
Reproducing Elite Art in Imperial China: Rubbings from the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery Collection with Dr. Sarah Ng

Sarah Ng began the lecture by giving us some background information on rubbings: their history, different types of rubbings, their uses and methods for their production. Many of us did not know that UMAG has rubbings in their collections. Sarah brought several examples to show us. She also brought some implements used for making rubbings.

Appreciation of Maestro Leung Yee-chung’s Cantonese Music and Opera (in Cantonese)

The beautiful Chinese Instrumental Music played by Professor Yu Qi-wei and his team plus the vocal performances of lead veteran soloist Leung So-kam and Leung Chi-kit mesmerised all Cantonese Opera lovers and other participants of the afternoon's event. The programme though short satisfied all fans of Maestro Leung's music as well as aroused interest for all others to further understand and appreciate the importance and beauty of the Cantonese Music and Opera
Part 2: Embroidered Identities with Mei-yin Lee (李美賢) (in Cantonese)

With another hundreds of slides showing details of the embroideries on the costumes and baby carriers, Lee Mei Yin continued her talk by deciphering the patterns on these exquisite handicrafts, telling their stories, meaning and philosophy behind. She also showed video recordings on the life of the ethnic minority people whom she visited and how they produced these pieces starting from weaving, dyeing and then embroidering. The talk ended with a thought for all on these valuable craftsmanship and culture whic are now gradually disappearing under the influence of rapid modernization.
Geological and Cultural Heritage of Double Haven with Professor Chan Lung-sang (陳龍生教授)

Following our tradition of looking at wonderful art works by Mother Nature to begin the year, our field trip to Double Haven with Prof Chan Lung Sang was enjoyed by us all. Prof Chan gave us notes and a map of the area to be visited and showed us different types of rocks. A bonus was a stop in Lai Chi Wo to look at different coloured rock and an even bigger bonus was a post reunion afternoon wine and cheese party the the Stephen Hui Geological Museum where he will give u a guided tour of the special exhibition on Chinese minerals.
Part 1: Introduction to Chinese Ethnic Minorities with Mei-yin Lee (李美賢) (in Cantonese)

Fung Ping Shan Museum was packed with fans of Lee Mei Yin who gave a non-stop 1 hour 45 minutes talk on Chinese Ethnic Minority groups with 300+ slides and a few demonstration pieces. Some audience stood patiently all through the lecture, sharing seats with others once in a while or even sat on the staircase. A group of about 20 who stayed on after the talk got a surprised guided tour of the exhibition conducted by Lee Mei Yin herself.
Afternoon Tea with James and Lana Kinoshita

Members were warmly welcomed by Lana and James into their idyllic sanctuary set among lush greenery overlooking the serene waters of Sai Kung. Everywhere you looked, there was always something interesting and lovely to admire. Yet, we were all just happy to enjoy the wonderful space created by the architecture of the home and garden. PS - Lana's homemade sweet tofu was a super treat!
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