Past Activities
Erich Lessing & Illustrious Illuminations With Dr. Florian Knothe

Members and friends joined the guided tour of these 2 exhibitions. We saw the very exquisitely made miniature works of art, done lovingly for religious reasons through the centuries when Christianity was the main religion in Europe. Museum Director Dr. Florian Knothe guided us through the pieces and highlighted some of the more interesting details. The second exhibition of Erich Lessing's photographs captured the spirit of the times with integrity and passion. A morning well spent, learning from two shows reflecting life centuries apart, but full of human spirit.
30th Anniversary Endowment Fund Kick-off (Senses / 而立)

Torrential rains could not dampen the high spirits of members, friends, and contributing artists who gathered together at the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge on the afternoon of the 5th December 2015 to kick-off the Museum Society’s 30th Anniversary Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund will support the aspirations of the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) to become one of the leading teaching museums in Asia. Clearly inspired by the words of Society’s Chairman, Yvonne Choi, members and friends eagerly procured paintings and art pieces, certain that the proceeds would benefit both the Endowment Fund and the young emerging artists whose works were on display. What better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon than to enjoy splendid art with both old and new friends, whilst indulging in a delightful selection of canapes and cakes!
Christie's Autumn Auction Preview

Czexican Melodies: A Conversation and Recital With Omar Rojas

Song-dynasty Painting and Its Complementary Natures With Dr. Roslyn Lee Hammers

This morning seminar presented by Dr. Roz Hammers was in two sessions exploring the complimentary natures of the natural in Song-dynasty painting with celebrated paintings displays great refinement and artistic expressions. Each session looked at five paintings to illustrate different aspects of the nature in Song painting. After the seminar, members enjoyed a nice Malaysian cuisine at the Malacca Cafe.
Learning from the 60s: Cheongsam as Daily Wear With Dr. Brenda Li

A delightful experience for HKU Museum Society and Cheongsam Connect to gather more than 100 members and participants to put on their best cheongsam for a memorable afternoon spent at UMAG. The talk by Dr. Brendi Li highlighted the history and development of the traditional cheongsam from the 20's to the 60's. We also got a chance to view a vintage collection from a private collector shown during the presentation. Participants acquired first hand experience and comments from the Shanghai master tailors (Cheongsam sifus) as well as sharing their personal experiences to wear cheongsam as daily wear.
Chaozhou (潮州) – Shantou (汕頭) Architectural Excursion

Prof David Lung and Prof Wu Guo Zhi educated and enlightened us during the intensive 3 days trip to Chaozhan Shantou area. We saw important buildings like Kai Yuan Temple, Hanyu Memorial Hall, Huang Jilue Ancestral Hall, Lung Hu Rural Township and the old Residence of Chen Cihong. We walked the length of the restored Guangji Bridge. We ended the trip with a tour of the Shantou University to see her contemporary buildings and sculptures. At every meal, we sampled local cuisine. We all came back with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese architecture.
The Pictures of Weaving: In history and in The University Museum and Art Gallery

Members and guests attended the lecture by Dr Roz Hammers with a rare opportunity to view both ink rubbings scrolls of the pictures of Tilling and Weaving. This presentation, with focus on the Pictures of Weaving outlined the stories of their production, showcase steps undertaken by farming women in the manufacturing of bolts of silk. It is fascinating to learn the origin of this tradition and their implications.
Saturday Morning with Barbara Park

The ever vivacious Barbara Park welcomed us to her beautiful home surrounded by greenery in Clearwaterbay. We enjoyed tea and homemade snacks in her garden while she engrossed us with fun stories of her early days in Hong Kong. We admired her special collection of woven food covers and many unusual artifacts collected over her 50 years extensive travel through China and Asia. A documentary specially made on how she transformed her old house on the Peak was fascinating to watch. One young guest even had the privilege of playing her 120 year old Steinway piano.
Guided Tour of Tung Lin Kok Yuen & F11 Photographic Museum

Professor PP Ho pointed out to us the Chinese and Western architectural features of Tung Lin Kok Yuen. Notwithstanding the site being a small triangular piece of land on a slope, it has the spatial element of a Chinese monastery, tapering into a circular space with a curved balcony upstairs, elegantly decorated with western floor tiles, doors and ingenious design of the central pivoted windows. At the F11 Photographic Museum, Mr. Douglas So showed us how the 80 year old residential block was transformed into the museum that now houses his Leica Cameras and Magnum Book Collection, as well as a gallery that hosts photo exhibitions. The bright sunny day allowed the group to take a good view of the 2 heritage buildings from outside, the "boat shape" temple on Shang Kwong Road and the three-storey Art Deco Building on Yuk Sau Street.
Villas of the Italian Nobility – Verona and the Largo di Garda

Twenty-three people joined this exclusive tour of Lake Garda, led by Michael Bidnell, an architectural historian based in UK. Based in five-star luxury hotels on the shore of Lake Garda, we explored eleven villas, of which most are not usually open to the public. We were greeted by the owners of these villas and given guided tours by them. Dinning with the owners in intimate settings was also part of the tour. In conjunction with the villa visits, we also took tour of the town of Verona, the cultural capital of Veneto.
The Land Between the Celestial Empire and Central Asia With Dr. Joseph Ting

In this 3rd trip to Central Asia, Dr Joseph Ting shared with us his knowledge and passion for the rich history and culture of Kazakhstan. His daily lectures helped us appreciate the cross cultural influences between this region and China. Local archaelogists, Tobekov Iskandar, Aisulu, Erbolat Smagulov, Alexey Maryashev and Karl Baipakov enriched our days with their company and their stories. A post trip reunion guided tour by Dr Ting to the The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series "The Rise of the Celestial Empire: Consolidation and Cultural Exchange during the Han Dynasty" Exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of History was a fitting finale of this wonderful trip.
The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware With Lai Suk Yee

Lai Suk Yee, a researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Art Museum gave an intimate tour of the Yi Xing exhibition at the museum. Our 14 members and guests were impressed with Ms. Yee's in depth knowledge on how the Yi Xing teapots are made and enjoyed learning about the significance of the color and shape of the teapots and the meaning behind the calligraphy, illustrations and seals that appear on the teapots. The group further discussed the influence of the Yi Xing teapots, including uses beyond tea culture. The guided visit concluded with a delicious meal of Peking duck!
From River Ili to Syr Darya: The Land In Between With Dr. Joseph Ting 丁新豹博士

In conjunction with our autumn trip to Kazakhstan, Dr Joseph Ting gave us a lecture on the history of the places we will visit. He warned us of bad roads and poor infrastructure - this is a hardship trip - but assured us that there is much to see and learn. After all, in the old days, hardy travellers survived even worse conditions, and so shall we! All 70 people in the audience agreed!! After the lecture, trip participants and friends continued the discussion over a Chinese meal - someone jokingly said this is the last good meal before the trip!
Through Grandfather's Looking Glass: The Life and Times of Society in Hong Kong in the 1920s - 1930s with Andrew E. Tse

Following a canapes and cocktail reception at the Helena May, Museum Society members enjoyed a captivating presentation from Andrew Tse, where he shared the photos and film clips taken by his grandfather almost a century ago. Through these photos and films, our Society was brought back in time to the 1920s and 1930s in Hong Kong. This amazing pictorial collection included close family occasions as well as affairs of great historical importance, thus giving us a better understanding of the political and social sentiments during this very genteel era.
Journey to the East: Christianity in China in the Tang and Yuan Dynasties

Nestorian Crosses is a little known topic but over 80 people showed up for the afternoon lecture of Dr Glen Thompson. His lecture and PowerPoint presentation educated and inspired us to learn more about Jing Jiao - Nestorianism, the Church of the East, its appearance in China via the Silk Road(s) and the ensuing cross culture influences. He kindly brought his scroll on the Xian steele - adding an extra layer of information to this intriguing topic.
Northern and Southern Ninepins With Professor Chan Lung-sang 陳龍生教授

We had a scorching hot day for our trip to the Northern and Southern Ninepins 果洲群島 with Prof Chan Lung Sang 陳龍生教授 . We saw a giant rock slide (no one tried sliding!) and lots of polygonal columns, both standing upright and a whole section that toppled sideways. We also cruised round Waglan Island 橫瀾島, looking quite deserted and temptingly inviting! Everyone enjoyed seeing what Prof Chan rightly calls the REAL HONG KONG!
Bonhams Auction 2015 with Steven Zuo

Steven Zuo (左昕陽先生), Director of Chinese Paintings, Bonhams Hong Kong, gave us a guided tour of the Fine Chinese Paintings section with Victoria Huang ably translating his Putunghua commentary into English. He showed us the main highlight - Wang Hui's 王翬Landscape Album of 10 double leaves done in 1698, stopping to show us details of each leaf. He also showed us paintings of Zhang Daqian 張大千, Huang Junbi 黃君璧, Fu Baoshi 傅抱石, Li Xiongcai 黎雄才, Cheng Shifa 程十髮, etc. After the guided walk, we stayed on to look at the rest of the show, as well as enjoyed a cup of coffee / tea. Each participant went home with the Fine Chinese Paintings catalogue, generously given by Bonhams!!
Eccentric Ebullience: Architecture and Nature in Austria and Slovenia With Professor Puay-peng Ho

Led by Professor Puay-peng Ho, our group was introduced to the art and architecture styles of the Vienna Secession. Accordingly, we started our tour in Vienna where we focused particularly on the works of Otto Wagner and Joze Plecnik. We followed the latter as he returned to his hometown, Ljubljana where his exceptional creativity culminated in Plecnik's Ljubljana, a multitude of newly designed buildings, parks and squares.
Great Minds Think Alike - a study visit to the Liang Yi Museum

15 members and guests enjoyed a very special welcome from Bonnie Lau of the Liang Yi Museum. Dr Florian Knothe gave detailed explanations on the evolution of French furniture and cabinet making in 18th century France as well as the techniques used in perfecting these pieces. We were fortunate to have Mikael Kraemer, Director of the Kraemer Gallery join us who gave us the backstories to many of the French pieces on show.
From Modernist Rationality to Eclectic Plasticity: The Development of Architecture in Austro-Hungarian Empire in early 1900s With Professor Puay-peng Ho

Over 40 members and guests attended this interesting presentation by Professor P.P. Ho. He shared with us the architectural style of the time by looking at the works of Otto Wagner, Aldof Loos, Josef Hoffmann and Joze Plecnik - forefathers of modern architecture. The main focus was on the nature of architecture, ornaments, construction, and new material used.
Reclaiming the City as Home – An Architecture Trip to Taichung & Tainan With Corrin Chan

Our 4 days trip to Taichung and Tainan dispelled the misguided belief that there is nothing to see or do in both cities! To the contrary, we were inspired by different ways that cities can evolve and grow - not just demolishing old buildings and building tall skyscrapers! Corrin Chan led us on a wonderful discovery tour, whetting our appetites for future visits to appreciate them at our leisure.
Auctions in Asia Guest Speaker – Kevin Ching

Presenting her first report, Chairman Yvonne reconfirmed the mission of the Society, the role of the Executive Committee and the vision for the coming years which included plans to establish an endowment fund that would guarantee a better long-term financial return to the Museum. Speaker Kevin Ching, CEO of Sotheby's Asia presented a broad overview of Sotheby's auctions in Asia with interesting stories of recent record sales. It was a great evening celebrating art and friendship!
Visit to the Mountain Monastery of Tsz Shan (慈山寺) With Professor Puay-peng Ho

Tsz Shan Monastery a Chinese Buddhist monastery, a gem hidden in the mist of Tai Po. Prof. Puay Peng Ho, the chief consultant behind the architecture and Sculpture took us on a spiritual and tranquil journey through the peaceful and zen like sites in search of enlightenment. We were invited to a delicious vegetarian meal, everybody thoroughly enjoyed this new discovery.
Asian Art Hong Kong with Yifawn Lee

The publisher of Orientations magazine Yifawn Lee guided us through four participating galleries of Asia Art Hong Kong along the Hollywood road. Each gallery owner gave detailed explanations of different objects from their collections. We saw beautiful jade, archaic bronze, contemporary ink paintings and modern-designed jewelry. Great learning about Chinese art!
Visits to Sangwoodgoon (生活館) and Oi Yuen Villa (愛園別墅)

What a better way to escape from the city hustles than by going to Sangwoodgoon, met the farmers, explored permaculture vegetables, and have fun picking your own beetroots. We then visited the private estate Oi Yuen Villa, one of the few historic buildings with a beautiful garden, mature trees and open green lawn. Everyone enjoyed a catered lunch on the verandah, with roasted piglets, Hakka specialties, as well as freshly harvested organic vegetables from the farm.
New Perspectives: Contemporary Indian Art – Part 2 With Dr. Kathleen Wyma

Dr. Kathleen Wyma guided us to 4 galleries at Art Basel. 2 showing well established Indian contemporary artists like M.F. Husain and F. N. Souza and 2 showing solo exhibitions of young female artists with stories to tell. New perspectives indeed.
3rd Edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong

On Sunday, Lucille Enel gave us a very special tour of Art Basel in Hong Kong. With her expansive knowledge on contemporary Chinese art, Lucille introduced us to a variety of art forms including installations, paintings, and photography by a number of established and up and coming young Chinese artists.
New Perspectives: Contemporary Indian Art – Part 1 With Dr. Kathleen Wyma

Dr. Kathleen Wyma gave an interesting and informative lecture on contemporary art of India. Moving from the first experiments in oil painting in the 19th century to cubism, to abstract, to the modern nuanced interpretations of traditions and religions, Dr. Wyma introduced us to the historical development of contemporary Indian art and showed examples of works from some of biggest names in Indian art today.
Saturday Guided Walk through Causeway Bay, Tin Hau and North Point With Cheng Po Hung (鄭寶鴻)

25 of us began our Saturday morning with a walk from Causeway Bay to North Point, stopping at various places for a historical overview by Mr. Cheng Po Hung. We were treated to a lot of interesting stories about how the area developed, with Mr Cheng showing us pictures of the different areas in the early days when photographs of Hong Kong began to be taken. Our walk ended in North Point, known as Little Shanghai in the 1950s and now known as Little Fujian. It was therefore fitting that we had lunch of typical traditional Fujianese food - a treat to many of us who have not had Fujian food at all!
History's Forgotten Men: A Sailor and an Artist in Mid-19th Century Guangdong with Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr. Yeewan Koon

A double lecture by Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr. Yeewan Koon on two historical characters from the Pearl River Delta of the early to mid 19th century. Dr. Stephen Davies lecture traces Hesing’s story of a British purchased Chinese Junk Keying in the period of the Opium War. It’s voyage via America to Europe began in the Pearl River Delta Area. Whereas Dr. Yeewan Koon relates the story of the eccentric painter Su Renshan. His radical reinterpretation and challenge to the structures of Confucian learning with his iconoclastic ink paintings. The lecture ended with an authentic Cantonese dinner at the famous Luk Yu Tea House.
Sha Chau 沙洲, Tai O 大澳 and Western Waters with Professor Chan Lung-sang (陳龍生教授)

Continuing our tradition of exploring beautiful Hong Kong every January, this year, Prof Chan Lung-sang bought us to Sha Chau. The trip began with a challenging walk along rocky boulders to reach the sandbar area. Members who ran across the sandbar to the other island (and back, of course!) shared what they saw. A delicious seafood cum vegetarian lunch followed. Some headed back to Central on our ferry, and some stayed on to explore Tai O. Great outing to start the year!
"Flowing Stories" – A Film by Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan an ode to village life and a journey in search of Hong Kongers’ collective roots

The evening screening of Flowing Stories turned out to be a nostalgic evening for the audience. A joint activity with the Jaderin Club, we had a full house of members and friends rediscovering our collective roots in a simpler version of local Hong Kong community. The discussion and sharing of ideas after the screening bonded us more to our agricultural past.
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