"A Vigneto with a View" - A Gastronomic Wine Tour of Tuscany and Piedmont

Date :
29 October - 7 November 2012
Note :
Trip Full

Giuseppe Verdi could not have said it better; "You may have the universe if I may have Italy." The Ancient Greeks called Italy, Enotria to describe its renown for producing extraordinary wines.

As part of our wine tour series, the Society is pleased to present "A Vigneto (Vineyard) with a View", a gastronomic wine tour of Tuscany and Piedmont with internationally renowned food and wine connoisseur, wine judge and educator, Wilson Kwok.

Tuscany, known for its fabulously rolling hills and charming medieval towns, has been involved in wine production since the time of the ancient Etruscans who viewed the vine as a sacred plant. Winemaking evolved over the centuries as the Romans, Christian monks in the Middle Ages and the noble classes during the Renaissance introduced new practices. Many Tuscan wines have had a wide following outside Italy since the 16th Century; Chianti was popular in the English court from the 17th Century onwards.

Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, Piedmont is a land of spectacular mountains and romantic medieval castles. Home to the famous white truffles, Piedmont is often described as the 'Burgundy of Italy' as gourmet travelers flock from all over the world to enjoy the region's outstanding cuisine and boutique wines. Winemaking is very much a part of daily life as vineyards are usually small and family owned. Therefore, wine production in general tends to be microscopic.

Together with Wilson Kwok, we will be visiting producers of top Italian wines, Brunello and Chianti in Tuscany and Barbaresco and Barolo in Piedmont. Our group will be joining in the excitement of Piedmont's white truffle festival by participating in a live truffle hunt, visiting the famous Alba white truffle market, as well as partaking in a special white truffle dinner.