Macao Art Museum with Professor Peter Lam (林業強教授), Lunch and Macao Heritage Sites

Date :
Tuesday, 15 March 2011
Time :
8:00 – 19:00 Full Day Trip
Venue :
Meet at HK Macau Ferry Terminal in Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong
Cost :
$900 member; $1100 non-member. Lunch additional on share-cost basis
Limit :
Note :
Further details will be sent to participants upon enrolment
Enquiries :
Sef Lam at [email protected] or call 2525-5063


We are privileged to have Professor Peter Lam, Director of the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, guide an educational tour of the exhibition entitled Fire and Colour: Imperial Kiln Porcelain of Qing Dynasty from the Palace Museum Collection at the Macao Museum of Art. During the tour, Professor Lam will speak about 18th century imperial ceramics – imperial patronage, the Jingdezhen imperial factory, kiln supervisors, and technical terms on ceramics.

This exhibition showcases over 100 works from the Palace Museum’s collection of porcelains produced by imperial kilns during the reigns of emperors Kangxi, Yongzhen and Qianlong (1662-1795). They are divided into four themes – “The Beauty of Pattern”, “The Beauty of Shape”, “The Beauty of Glaze” and “The Beauty of Craftmanship”. Each represents and chronicles the technical and artistic advances produced in this glorious period of Chinese pottery and porcelain.

After viewing this impressive collection, we will enjoy lunch in one of the fine restaurants that have marked Macau as a culinary destination for food lovers in Asia.

In the afternoon, we will tour some of the temples, churches and squares – heritage relics that have contributed toward Macau’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. From the local guide, we will learn about the history of Macau from its origin as a fishing village to becoming the oldest permanent European settlement in East Asia, its colonization by Portugal and the eventual reunification to China. The cultural encounters between the Chinese and Western civilizations are reflected in the fusion of its cuisine, art and architecture. Likewise, the effects from its exchange of cultural, spiritual, scientific and technical influences are considerable.


A graduate of the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Professor Peter Lam is both an art historian and museum professional. His scholarly works on Chinese ceramics, calligraphy rubbings and the decorative arts are widely published. For the past three and a half decades he has been the Director/Professor of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Lam is a long standing member of the Min Chiu Society of prominent collectors in Hong Kong, a council member of the Chinese Society of Ancient Ceramics in Beijing, an Honorary Research Fellow of the Palace Museum, Beijing and an Honorary Member of the Hong Kong Oriental Ceramic Society.