Sam Shan Kwok Wong Festival With Anthony Chan Tin-kuen (陳天權)

Date :
Saturday, 2 April 2016
Time :
10:00 – 12:00
Venue :
Meet outside Exit B, Choi Hung MTR Station
Limit :
Note :
This event will be conducted in Cantonese. Optional lunch afterward on share-cost basis. For table reservation, please indicate if you will join us for lunch.
Enquiries :
Camelia Yeung at [email protected] or 9727-3231




A festival is the perfect excuse for family reunion, reconnection with the past, a short break from routines – and fun. We are of course familiar with Cheung Chau Da Jiu Festival and Tin Hau Festival. How about Sam Shan Kwok Wong Festival? Anthony Chan Tin-kuen, experienced researcher in local history, customs and architecture invites us to explore the neighbourhood of Ngau Chi Wan Village, Ping Shek Estate and Sam Shan Kwok Wong Temple at the pinnacle of this vibrant, albeit lesser-known festivity. Who is “Sam Shan Kwok Wong”? How does the festival help maintain the community in spite of vigorous social changes? This guided walk offers a glimpse into the Chiu Chow beliefs of the Hakka people who settled in Hong Kong in the 18th Century.

Resource Person

Anthony Chan Tin-kuen was a journalist. After graduating from the Architectural Conservation Programme of the University of Hong Kong in 2006, he became a columnist and freelance writer, focusing on local history, built heritage and folk customs. He is an adviser to several NGOs including Hulu Culture, Hoi Bun Heritage Docents Society and International Travellers Association, and also a lecturer and docent for several other organizations. Anthony has published a number of books, including Forgotten Historic Buildings in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Folk Customs, The History of Hong Kong Series, Heritage Trails in Macau, etc.