A group of dedicated volunteers with vision and passion forms the backbone of the Society.

Founder Mrs. Margaret Wang
Patron Mrs. Jane Qian Zhang

Chairman Yvonne Choi
Vice-Chairman Karina Kwok
Fifi Tsai
Treasurer Audy Mak
Secretary Michelle Ip
Helen Shek
Members Eliza Cheng
Rose Hofmann
Carolyn Lu
Joyce Ng
Winnie Tong
Linda Wang
Anna Yeung
Mary Zhang
Ex-Officio Dr. Florian Knothe
Honorary Auditor William Po
Honorary Legal Advisor Angus Forsyth
Honorary Company Secretary Fosbery Corporate Services Limited

Past Chairman Bonnie Kwan Huo (2009 - 2014)
Margaret Yu (2005 - 2009)
Jean Ho (1996 - 2005)