A group of dedicated volunteers with vision and passion forms the backbone of the Society.

Founder Mrs. Margaret Wang
Patron Mrs. Jane Qian Zhang

Chairman Yvonne Choi
Vice-Chairman Karina Kwok
Fifi Tsai
Treasurer Audy Mak
Secretary Helen Shek
Members Eliza Cheng
Rose Hofmann
Carolyn Lu
Joyce Ng
Winnie Tong
Linda Wang
Anna Yeung
Mary Zhang
Ex-Officio Dr. Florian Knothe
Honorary Auditor William Po
Honorary Legal Advisor Angus Forsyth
Honorary Company Secretary Fosbery Corporate Services Limited

Past Chairman Bonnie Kwan Huo (2009 - 2014)
Margaret Yu (2005 - 2009)
Jean Ho (1996 - 2005)