50th Anniversary Exhibition of Min Chiu Society with Benjamin W. Yim

Date :
25/09/2010 Saturday
Time :
10:30 - 12:00
Venue :
Hong Kong Museum of Art, Salibury Road, TST
Cost :
$150 member; $200 non-member; free for student with valid ID
Limit :
Note :
Optional lunch afterward on share-cost basis

The Min Chiu Society was founded in 1960 by a group of private collectors dedicated to the connoisseurship of Chinese antiquities and paintings. Over the years, they have promoted the appreciation of Chinese art to the general public through academic exchanges and regular exhibitions. To commemorate their 50th Anniversary, Min Chiu Society will present an exhibition to showcase over 300 pieces from their members’ private collections, representing the cream of Chinese art and culture. The exhibits, spanning from Neolithic Period to the Qing Dynasty, will include Chinese paintings, ceramics, jade carvings and ornaments, bronze wares, lacquer, glass, ivory, bamboo and furniture.

We shall be guided by Benjamin W. Yim, an independent researcher, connoisseur and collector of Chinese art. He has been actively engaged in this field, especially in ceramics, lacquer and other works of art for twenty years. His keen interest in Chinese ceramics led him to an apprenticeship since 1999 with China's foremost ceramic expert, Professor Geng Baochang of The Palace Museum in Beijing. Yim is a member of the Min Chiu Society; an honorary advisor of the University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong; a member of the Chinese Society of Ancient Ceramics in Beijing; and a former committee member of The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong.

He holds a position in the selection committee for this special Min Chiu Society's Golden Jubilee Exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. In 2009, he participated and helped to organize the exhibition The Fame of Flame – Imperial Wares of the Jiajing and Wanli Periods at UMAG, and subsequently served as one of the editors of its exhibition catalogue.