A Connective History of Qing Art - Visuality, Images and Imaginaries

Date :
8-10 June 2012
Time :
Friday, 09:00-17:00; Saturday, 10:00-15:30; Sunday, 10:00-12:30
Venue :
Room M7, Main Building, HKU
Cost :
Free to Members and Guests

The HKU Museum Society is proud to sponsor an academic art conference, A Connective History of Qing Art – Visuality, Images and Imaginaries, organized by the HKU Fine Arts Department to be held at the University. All members and guests with interest are welcome to attend the conference. For details, please contact Dr. Yeewan Koon at [email protected].

About the Conference

A group of international scholars from the United States, Canada, Europe, Taiwan and China will assemble to present papers on issues related to ways of looking, depicting and writing about art and images in and of the Qing period.

The participants bring to the table diversity in research interests, methodological orientation, and primary source materials that provide an overall connective history of Qing art. They will examine relationships between court art and non-court culture, spatial and regional differences, vernacularism and urban culture, and the processes of co-opting and incorporating visual data. More specifically, there will be papers on the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen, the representations of Beijing under Qianlong's rule, images of urban life and popular culture in Shanghai and Guangdong, topography and geography in landscape paintings, and how Qing art history was written in Republican China. Given the importance of inter-regionalism and global encounters in Qing history, this conference will bring art history into dialogue with many other relevant research topics and intersect with the growing interest in exhibitions on Qing art, including the forthcoming exhibition in Hong Kong on Qianlong's private garden.

For further information on the participants and their papers, a website has been dedicated to the project http://finearts.hku.hk/Qing2012 .

Non-Qing art specialists are encouraged to join in our discussions and the conference will be open to anyone interested in Qing art, including students, scholars, and members of the University of Hong Kong Museum Society. The aim is to enrich and diversify our conversations in a collegial atmosphere. An edited volume of the papers will follow this conference, testifying to the sustained engagement and collaboration of this exciting field of inquiry.