Annual General Meeting at the Hong Kong Club with Guest Speaker Wong How Man

Date :
Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lecture Synopsis:

Cultural conservation has been an important concern in many countries, especially those with a long history and heritage. France in Europe and Japan in Asia, have epitomized remarkable efforts while China and Hong Kong have been trailing baby steps behind. Given its huge size, long history, treasured inventory of both living & past cultures and with current available financial resources, what should be our vision of the conservation road map ahead for us in this century?

China Exploration and Research Society (CERS) Founder and President Wong How Man, listed by Time Magazine among top 25 Heroes of Asia and honoured as “China’s most accomplished living explorer”, will share his view on the new challenges and pressing issues facing our generation regarding China’s most unique and important heritage.

Based on real cases CERS has dealt with that include: Dunhuang / Silk Road; Hanging Coffins; Manchuria Ewenki Tribe; Matrilineal Moso; Tibetan Monastery and Nunnery; and Hainan Li Minority Village, Wong will illustrate CERS’s philosophy and mission. He would also look into the questions of whether culture conservation could become a financial asset rather than a liability, and how an explorer could also be an effective conservationist.

Two short films will be shown with this interesting and thought-provoking talk. Wong’s works have been featured also in National Geographic, CNN, CNBC, Discovery Channel,among many others.