Boat Trip: "Tolo Channel: Shum Chung (深涌), Lai Chi Chong (荔枝莊) and Tap Mun Island (塔門)" with Dr Wong Fook-yee (王福義) and Mr To Ka Yan (杜嘉恩)

Date :
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Time :
09:00 – 16:00
Venue :
Chinese University MTR Station. Please arrive at 09:00. Walk to the Ma Liu Shui Pier for boat departure at 09:20. We expect to return to the same pier at around 16:00
Cost :
$680 Member; $800 Non-member; $400 Student with valid ID. Cost includes a simple lunch
Limit :
Enquiries :
Sef Lam at [email protected] or 2525-5063
Note :
1. For insurance purposes, please enclose a photocopy of your HKID or other identity document when you send in the registration form and cheque payment. If you registered and paid online, please scan your identity document and email to [email protected]. 2. Please wear comfortable shoes as we will be at sea and exploring on land most of the day. Kindly bring sufficient water, sunscreen / sunblock, hat, sunglasses, etc. 3. If you worry about being seasick, please take suitable precautions. 4. Unforeseen circumstances, like weather, tides, sea currents, etc. may mean a change in itinerary. Final decision will be at the discretion of the boat captain and resource persons. 5. MTR from Central to Chinese University will take about 45 minutes. Walking to the pier is about 15 minutes. To arrive at the Chinese University MTR Station at 9am, you have to get on the MTR in Central at around 8:10am


Our annual boat trip takes us to yet another fascinating area of Hong Kong. In this boat trip we will visit 3 sites in Tolo Channel namely: Sham Chung, Lai Chi Chong and Tap Mun Island.


Brief itinerary:

1. Start from Ma Liu Shiu Pier(馬料水) ;

2. From the boat, view the new town development of Ma On Shan and Plover Cove Reservoir.

3. Landing at Sham Chung Village (深涌), it is a beautiful Hakka village surrounded by mountains with streams in between. Part of the village has been acquired by a developer and the rest remains abandoned. There had been a church, village houses, school and agricultural land in this village. It is also surrounded by Country Parks as one of the excision areas. It has been rated as one of 12 important ecological sites since 2004. It is rich in habitats such as mangroves, Fung Shiu Woodland (風水林), abandoned agricultural land, mudflats (沿岸泥灘), streams and grassland.    

4. Landing at Lai Chi Chong (荔枝莊). The coastline is part of the UNESCO Global Geopark. A belt of Early Cretaceous volcanoclastic sedimentary rock strata called Lai Chi Chong Formation can be found along the coast. Many micro geological features can be observed such as bedding, folding and faults and many other interesting features.

5. Lunch at Tap Mun (塔門). This is an island with residents to the eastern part of the Tolo Channel. We will enjoy a simple lunch and look at the Tap Mun’s natural, social and cultural features.

6. Return to Ma Liu Shiu around 16:00.

Resource Persons

Dr. Wong Fook-yee (王福義) is an avid hiker and nature lover. He was formerly the Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong (Country and Marine Park Branch), and is now Adjunct Professor of the Geography and Resource Management Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. To Ka Yan (杜嘉恩) is a geographer and geomorphologist. He was formerly a teacher trainer specializing in geographical and environmental education, and served as Senior Lecturer in the Education University of Hong Kong.