Casas & Quintas – Porto, Portugal with Michael Borozdin-Bidnell

Date :
25 June - 3 July 2017

The little-explored, but extremely picturesque, region of northern Portugal offers many hidden gems outside traditional tourist destinations. Here, through a unique conjunction of Anglo-Portuguese cooperation, nestled amongst the hills and valleys of the country’s most fertile landscape, are the quintas, or vineyards, of the Portuguese nobility, at the heart of which are a unique series of historic manor houses which rarely open their doors to the public.
This exclusive tour has been especially compiled not only to provide a rare opportunity to see the remarkable interiors of these private homes, but also to explore the historic context of their evolution.

Resource Person : Michael Borozdin-Bidnell
Graduating in the 1970s, Michael Borozdin-Bidnell spent many years as a London-based interior des igner, working internationally as a Senior Partner and travel ling extensively in Europe, America and both the near and far East.
Becoming a Master of Science in the mid- 1990s, he joined the Georgian Group, the UK national amenity society, a charitable organization established in 1937 to campaign to protect eighteenth and early nineteenth century buildings in England, as Head of Research and Information. Since then he has written and lectured extensively, both in the UK and overseas, as an architectural historian and has led overseas cultural tours in Europe for the past nine years. He is currently in the final year of a Doctorate in Architectural History.