Day Trip and Guided Viewing: "Oriental Smile – Art of Maijishan Mountain Grottoes" (東方微笑 – 麥積山石窟藝術展) with Ms. Lee Meiyin at Nanshan Museum

Date :
Friday, 13 October 2023
Time :
8:30 - Meet at G1, Departure Hall, HK West Kowloon High- Speed Rail Station for transfer Hong Kong to Futian 福田; 16:00 – Futian 福田 transfer to Hong Kong, arrive HK at 17:00
Venue :
Nanshan Museum and Nantou Ancient City
Cost :
$1,200 Member; $1,400 Non-member (includes lunch at a nearby restaurant)
Limit :
Enquiries :
Patricia Lee at [email protected] / 2241-5507
Note :
Participants are required to have a valid travel document to China for High-Speed Rail tickets and Nanshan Museum entry

The HKU Museum Society is pleased to organize a day trip to Nanshan, Shenzhen 深圳南山 to visit the Nanshan Museum 南山博物館 and the Nantou Ancient City 南頭古城.  At the Nanshan Museum, we will have the privilege to be guided by Ms. Lee Meiyin 李美賢老師 who will share highlights of the exhibition, Oriental Smile – Art of Maijishan Mountain Grottoes (東方微笑 – 麥積山石窟藝術展).

Maijishan (麥積山石窟) is one of the four great Grottoes in China.  It was built during the Sixteen Kingdoms (AD304-439) and displays Buddhist art from the Northern and Sothern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties.  It is famous for its clay sculptures and earns the name as the “Showroom of Oriental Sculptures”.  The current exhibits in Nanshan Museum include imitations of these clay sculptures and mural paintings from different grottoes.

Our trip begins with a high-speed train transfer from West Kowloon to Futian.  Upon arrival, we will be coached to the Nanshan Museum for a full morning’s tour of the current exhibitions.  From the Nanshan Museum, we will enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant before embarking on a visit to the Nantou Ancient City 南投古城 located at the Nanshan District.  Revitalized in 2020, it was once called Sin On 新安 , and was an important centre of administration, commerce, and coastal defence.  The trip concludes with a return transfer by high-speed train, arriving Hong Kong at 17:00. 


Resource Person
Ms. Lee Meiyin’s areas of research include the history, art and costumes of the ethnic minorities of China, Buddhist art, Dunhuang art, silk and embroideries. She previously served as HKUSPACE guest lecturer (2000-2010), as well as a member of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee. She is currently a specially appointed research fellow of Dunhuang Academy, a visiting associate professor of the Chu Hai College, and a Vice President of the Friends of Dunhuang (Hong Kong). She also serves on the Board of Dunhuang Grottoes Preservation and Research Foundation of China, and as an expert advisor to the public museums of Hong Kong.