Dr. Stacey Pierson Introduction to Chinese Ceramic Technology - Clays, Glazes and Decoration

Date :
Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Time :
18:45 - registration; 19:00 - lecture; 20:00 - dinner
Venue :
The Bankers Club, 43rd Floor, Gloucester Tower, Central
Cost :
$450 member; $550 non-member
Limit :

Chinese ceramics are among the most sophisticated in the world. Admired by collectors for their impressive visual and tactile qualities, they are also copied by potters the world over who wish to recreate the special qualities of these wares. The beauty of Chinese ceramics is a direct result of the advanced technology and high quality raw materials used by Chinese potters from as early as the Shang dynasty. However, this technology can be difficult to understand, especially for non-scientists. This lecture will introduce and explain the materials and techniques used to create some of the most famous types of Chinese ceramics in a way that is accessible to anyone with an interest in learning more about why these ceramics are considered to be the highest achievement of the potter's art.

Dr. Stacey Pierson is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at The University of Hong Kong. Her permanent position is at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, where she is Lecturer in Chinese Ceramics and Museum Studies. She was previously the Curator of the Percival David Foundation at the same institution and has published a number of catalogues and books on the subject of Chinese ceramics, including Chinese Ceramics: a Design History (2009).

Participants are welcome to bring one ceramic item for Dr. Peterson's comments after dinner.