Fashion and Femininity in the Qing Dynasty

Date :
06/01/2010 Wednesday
Time :
14:00 - 15:30
Venue :
Address to be provided to participants 7 days before
Cost :
$300 member
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While a great deal of historical attention has been focused on clothing worn by the Qing Emperors – quite notably, the twelve symbol dragon robes – some of the most beautiful robes from the period were in fact designed specifically for the ladies of the aristocracy. Among them, the most famous patron was the Empress Dowager Cixi, whose penchant for beautiful objects has been well documented.

The silk used for these imperial robes has always been a treasured commodity throughout China’s long history. It was only the wealthy few who could afford these very exquisite garments. They were so precious that they were often reused and, as time passed, altered to reflect current fashion trends of the period, sometimes even 50 to 100 years after they were originally commissioned.

A special visit is scheduled with K.S. Kuok, a private collector who started his collection of Chinese Qing robes 20 years ago. To this day, his enthusiasm for textiles still holds strong. His collection focuses on authentic robes in various styles of silk and embroidery – kesi and brocade knit. K.S. will display these unique pieces and share his knowledge regarding many facets of collecting textiles including, but not limited to, authenticating, caring and valuing.

Be ready to feast your eyes!