Gallery Tour: “The Flow of Ink”, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink paintings with Oi Ling Chiang; Demonstration and Workshop: The Chinese Art of Incense with Mei Ling Chiang

Date :
Thursday, 2 September 2021
Time :
14:00 – 14:45 Gallery tour, 14:45 – 15:30 Tea break, 15:30 – 17:30 Incense workshop
Venue :
Oi Ling Antiques, 72 Hollywood Road, Central
Cost :
$650 Member; $750 Non-member
Limit :
Enquiries :
Yvonne Choi at [email protected] or 9132-1669, Alice Ko at [email protected] or 2241-5507
Note :
To register, please contact Alice Ko at [email protected] / 2241-5507 on or before 30 Aug 2021


We are pleased to organize a two-part event to explore the spirit of Chinese scholar tradition.  The first part is the viewing of an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink paintings with the title, “The Flow of Ink”, guided by Oi Ling Chiang, Founder of the Chinese Cultural Studies Center and Oi Ling Antiques.  The second part is a workshop and demonstration on the Chinese art of using incense conducted by Mei Ling Chiang. 


Part 1 – Gallery Tour

“The Flow of Ink” is an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink paintings which focuses on the different creative approaches adopted by artists to enrich a traditional art form with modern elements. The gallery aims to provide viewers with a spiritual journey of reflection, exploration and rediscovery.

As a prelude to the workshop, Oi Ling will also give a brief historical background of the appearance of a special type of books called pulu 譜錄 (Books on Material Culture and Nature Studies), a subcategory of traditional Chinese bibliographies, specifically xiangpu 香譜(books on incense), in the Song dynasty in China.


Part 2 – The Spiritual Dimension of the Chinese Art of Incense

The workshop will explore how the Chinese literati of old used the art of incense to create special moments to meditate, as well as to explore their intellectual thoughts and inquiries.   

Mei Ling Chiang studied incense art under the tutelage of Doctor Liu Ching-Min

(劉靜敏) who in turn was taught by Liu Liang-Yu (劉良佑).  For the workshop, Mei Ling will prepare three types of incense to share, including the most valued qinan  (祺楠), a high-quality agarwood which will emit an alluring, complex and long-lasting fragrance when heated. She will also share important historical information on the Chinese art of incense use.  Participants of the event will have the opportunity to handle different types of incense and censers as well as the paraphernalia related to the art.