Guided viewing of two exhibitions at H Queen’s: William Lim: “Willows Dark Flowers Bright” & Woo Kukwon: “Carnival” at Tang Contemporary Art

Date :
Thursday, May 26 2022
Time :
15:30 Solo Exhibition of William Lim; 16:30 Solo Exhibition of Woo Kukwon
Venue :
17/F (15:30) & 10/F (16:30), H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Cost :
$150 Member; $250 Non-member
Limit :
Enquiries :
Fifi Tsai at [email protected] or 9266-1268
Note :
To register, please contact Patricia Lee at [email protected] or 2241-5507

The HKU Museum Society is pleased to present two guided viewings at the H Queen’s. The first exhibition “Willows Dark Flowers Bright” will be personally guided by William Lim, the artist himself. The second exhibition Woo Kukwon Solo Exhibition will be guided by Charlotte Lin, a specialist at the Tang Contemporary Gallery.

William Lim: “Willows Dark Flowers Bright”

The title of the exhibition comes from a Song Dynasty Chinese poem that alludes to the serendipities experienced in life. During the lockdown, the artist develops a strong respect for the strength and resilience of plants. It has inspired him to tell stories through his paintings, which are both real and expressionistic. He records through his paintings the reality around him, and the voyages in his imagination. As we slowly come out of the fifth wave of the pandemic, his paintings are starting to project a brighter future.

Woo Kukwon Solo Exhibition

The exhibition begins at the Garden of Eden with humans portrayed in their purest state. Before mankind tasted the forbidden fruit (of good and evil), they were as innocent as babies sleeping in their cradle. However, it is a rite of passage for a person to break away from innocence and face the rough and rugged paths of life in order to grow and build their own world. Such turning points have been presented in countless stories in various forms. Here, the artist adopts the Flood myth depicted in the Old Testament to develop a theme that moves through the entire exhibition.