Guided Visit to Art Central with Dr. Harald Kraemer at Central Harbourfront

Date :
Friday, 29 March 2024
Time :
12:00 - 13:30
Venue :
Central Harbourfront
Cost :
$200 Member; $300 Non-member
Limit :
Enquiries :
Patricia Lee at [email protected] / 2241-5507

As the international art fairs return to Hong Kong in full scale, the HKU Museum Society is delighted to organize two guided visits with Dr. Harald Kraemer, Curator of UMAG. Join us on a visit to Art Central to browse a wide array of artworks and to learn how to strategize your future visits. 

Understanding Art Fairs – more than just a visit
At an art fair, there are countless works of art to discover at hundreds of galleries. How do you actually find what you like in this maze? How do I plan my tour? We will take a look behind the scenes and find out what strategies galleries use to attract our attention and market their artists. We will learn what collectors do to find the artwork of their choice and how artists use the fair as a platform to draw attention to themselves. 

Dr Harald P. Kraemer taught Art Market courses and wrote for many years about Art Basel and other art fairs for the Vienna-based online magazine Artmagazine. As a student, he had his first (painful) experiences as a gallery owner in his home town and later developed survival strategies for some artists in the art market. He currently teaches Museum Studies at HKU and works as an exhibition curator for UMAG.