Home Visit with Barbara Park

Barbara Park’s house on Lugard Road is a colonial bungalow built in 1924 by the renowned architects of the time, Palmer and Turner, for their partner Lennox Godfrey Bird.

It suffered badly during the war, but was rehabilitated by the then owner of Kelly and Walsh bookstore, a bachelor with a great gift for gardening, and some of his gorgeous trees are still doing well.

Barbara describes her house as “half Museum, half junk shop” as she’s collected Asian artefacts for forty years, many of them costing very little, but which are crafts disappearing during our lifetime, and they’re bound to make you laugh, including 178 Asian hats which she hopes to donate to a museum in the near future.

She runs a business named Plant a Park, which designs and manufactures man made plants for the hotel and shopping mall industry and has retail premises in Peel Street,Central. She’s lived in Hong Kong since 1966.

Barbara serves on the Committee of the Oriental Ceramic Society and, if the Xmas tree doesn’t take up too much room, you’ll see her collection of Imperial Yellow Porcelain.

The fires will be lit for your arrival.