Japanese Delicacies with Keiko Sakurai

Date :
08/03/2010 Monday
Time :
14:30 - 16:30
Venue :
Address will be provided to participants 7 days before
Cost :
$380 member; $430 non-member
Limit :

Japanese culinary artist, Keiko Sakurai is both the proprietor and teacher of "Luscious Delicious", a Japanese cooking school located in Wanchai. She is also a cookbook writer, food columnist, nutritionist and food stylist. Having lived in Hong Kong for many years, she has gained fluency in both the spoken and written Chinese language. With a passion for cooking, she has immersed herself in the local culinary culture and has also travelled extensively around the world to master the artistry of regional cuisine.

At this afternoon workshop, Keiko Sakurai will prepare and demonstrate a unique range of stylish and delicious "Japanese delicacies" – a feast for the eyes and tastebuds. Do come and enjoy an afternoon of Japanese food and culture with this special culinary artist.