Kai-Yin Lo on Art + Design

Date :
25/03/2010 Thursday
Time :
18:00 - 19:30
Venue :
Address will be provided to participants 7 days before
Cost :
Limit :
24, members only
Note :
Optional dinner with speaker afterward on share-cost basis

Described by the Wall Street Journal as a “Renaissance Woman”, Kai-Yin Lo is recognized not only as a jewellery designer of global renown, but also as an authority on Chinese culture, heritage, traditional and contemporary art. She is a recipient of the Silver Bauhinia Star from the SAR Hong Kong Government, and was awarded the “World’s Outstanding Designer, 2007” by the Hong Kong Design Centre for her contribution to the creative industries. Kai-Yin was honoured alongside Cartier in 2005 as one of three jewellers lauded for their “influence, style and excellence” in interpreting Chinese taste by the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. The annual Kai-Yin Lo Lecture at Asia Society, New York, is a recognized as an important platform for East/West cultural exchange.

A student of history at Cambridge and London Universities, Kai-Yin also attended Harvard Business School. She has edited four books ranging from Chinese white ceramics to furniture to architecture and the vernacular living environment. Her latest, “House, Home, Family: Living and Being Chinese”, is in the collection of over 400 libraries and is included as reading text in Asian study courses in 30 universities. From organizing the landmark one-man exhibition of artist Wu Guanzhong at the British Museum to curating the forthcoming presentation at the Shanghai Expo’s Hong Kong Design Pavilion in June 2010, Kai-Yin remains an active force in the promotion of cross-disciplinary awareness in art, design and culture.

We shall see how Kai-Yin blends art and design with living and style in her own home and also hear her views on the creative mix and interpretation of the practical with the purely aesthetic. A selection of Kai-Yin’s jewellery, specially priced for members, will be made available.