Lecture and Dinner with Professor David Lung on The Disappearance of the Meaning of Chinese Courtyard House

Lecture Synopsis:

This lecture will review the cultural significance of the traditional Chinese courtyard house; tracing its philosophical foundation to the harmony of man and heaven, and the ways in which the Confucian ideal of a family is being institutionalized in this physical built form. It makes reference to houses found in the New Territories and the Pearl River Delta.

The Speaker:

A registered architect by profession, Professor David Lung ( 龍炳頤教授 ) is the Professor of Architecture and the Founding Director of the Architectural Conservation Programme at the University of Hong Kong. With over thirty years of work researching, teaching and publishing in the area of cultural heritage, he currently holds the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Resource Management and the Associate Deanship in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.