Liu Guosong's Experimental Chinese Painting Exhibition

Liu Guosong is a renowned pioneer of modern experimental Chinese ink painting. Born in Anhui, China in1932, he moved to Taiwan in 1949, and has also lived in Hong Kong for a period of time since 1971.

Liu was trained in both Western and Chinese traditional techniques. Imbued with the spirit to invent new ways to complement ink and colour on different types of paper, he founded the Fifth Moon Group of new Chinese painting in Taiwan. Highly acclaimed internationally, Liu has participated in many exhibitions and conferences worldwide. In 2004, he was invited to stage a retrospective of his works at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. He is also the Honorary President of the Modern Ink Painting Society in Hong Kong.

We are privileged to have a private tour with Liu to preview his exhibition just hours before the opening ceremony. It will be a unique opportunity to hear him talk about his insights and experimentations.

To add frosting to the cake, we have arranged a demonstration of modern ink painting techniques by three of Liu’s former students – Eddy Chan Kwan Lap, Chan Shing-kau and Anita Lau Kam Chi – who are prize-winning artists that have exhibited and published extensively.

Eddy Chan Kwan Lap is an international prize-winning MFA artist. He will be demonstrating his special techniques using crumbled paper and cardboard to produce metaphors of brushstrokes beyond brushstrokes, a signature of his mystically surrealistic paintings.

Chan Shing-kau is the Ex-Chairman of the Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society, an organization for cutting-edge experimental ink artists. He will show us his techniques using plastic sheets, detergents and spray bottles to produce textures that resemble different forms of nature, including snow scenes.

Anita Lau Kam Chi is famous for her unparalleled marbling technique ?teasing ink and water, in a fascinating controlled and yet uncontrolled manner – to create her highly popular and distinguished style of artworks which are found not only on paper but also on silk and cloth.