Parkview Art Collection

Date :
Time :
11:00 - 14:00
Venue :
Clubhouse, Hong Kong Parkview88 Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Hong Kong
Cost :
$350 member, $450 non-member

In Chinese, the literal meaning of collecting (shou cang) is “to acquire and to hide”, but the collectors of these museum quality artworks has given shou cang a new meaning. It is “to acquire, to exhibit and to share”. This unique art collection has been acquired by three generations of passionate art lovers of the Wong family. Selected with discerning eyes, it is permanently exhibited in the Parkview Clubhouse on the hilltop of the Tai Tam Country Park and is open to all visitors of this facility.

The Parkview Art Collection showcases a wide range of disciplines in world art. Without favoring any particular genre, it is comprised of the following:

– Modern and contemporary Western art – includes works from famous artists
– Picasso, Andy Warhol, Miro, Chagall, Monet, Van Gogh and others. This collection has a focus on the sculptures of Salvador Dali.

– Asian contemporary art’ includes works by artists who stood at the forefront of contemporary art in China – Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi,Zeng Fangzhi and others. There are also many artworks of emerging artists
from China as well as newly acquired works from Korea and Indonesia.

– Chinese classical paintings and calligraphy – formed part of the earlier collection,including a large number of famous literati paintings and calligraphy (Wang Yuanqi, Wang Hui and Bada) as well as imperial hand scrolls.

– Buddhist sculptures – a unique collection with some very rare pieces dating from Northern Wei to Qing dynasty. This collection has been exhibited at the City University of Hong Kong and has also been well documented by established international scholars.

– Chinese antiquities and curios – include early bronzes from the period of the Warring States, a mix of distinguished pieces of cloisonn-, jade ruyi, ceramics,seals and other artifacts from around the world.

In-house Curator Lucie Chang Yu (MA from SOAS, University of London) or her colleague will guide us through the collection. We will enjoy a leisurely lunch at the Clubhouse after the viewing.