Pre-trip Talk - Chinese Culture in Qinghai and Gansu

In conjunction with our September trip to Qinghai and Gansu, our resource person, Yeung Chun-tong (楊春棠), Director of the University Museum and Art Gallery will give a presentation and talk to share with us some of the highlights of the trip as well as some historical background of the places to be visited.

In ancient times, Qinghai and Gansu were on the Silk Road linking Eurasia and China. Both of these provinces have developed a mixture of cultures that are clearly reflected in their Buddhist art, as found in cave temples and Lamaseries.

Director Yeung will introduce the pottery finds from a Neolithic site in Qinghai and compare them with similar discoveries in other parts of Mainland China. The wall paintings and stucco sculptures in Gansu cave temples will also be highlighted to illustrate the Buddhist influence on the development of Chinese art and culture.

Do join us for an informative and enlightening evening talk on a part of China that is culturally diverse and fascinating.