Sakura Fantasia in Nagoya

Date :
11 - 17 April 2013
Note :

Aichi Prefecture (愛知縣), known internationally as the venue for 2005 Aichi World Expo, is located in the center of Japan, and historically a corridor between the east, west, north and south. Nagoya (名古屋), the capital of Aichi, is becoming an increasingly frequented city which has much to offer visitors. It is surrounded by the rich natural sceneries of the sea and green mountains, as well as many heritage sites and cultural treasures.

Aichi is the base for many important industries ranging from traditional textiles and ceramics, to aerospace and automobiles. It is also home to headquarter of Toyota Motors. Culturally, it hosts the Aichi Art Triennale with exhibitions of contemporary art, along with theatre, music and dance performances from all over the world, together with training workshops.

The dichotomy of the historical and traditional establishments versus modern and technological developments make Aichi Prefecture one of the most fascinating areas in Japan. According to a recent Times Magazine's Global Adviser, "If Kyoto is Japan's most alluring cultural fact and Tokyo its most vibrant and modern expression, then Nagoya, the country's third largest city and a port, would be Japan seen through a rain-spattered window."

HKUMS proudly organizes this spring 2013 tour to experience the best of the slightly late bloomer Nagoya and its vicinities in Aichi Prefecture, which is packed with a rich past history, present glory, and natural beauty.

The trip is now full. We are grateful to members for their enthusiastic participation which gives our committee a greater incentive to plan for more exciting trips in the future. Thank you!