Studio Visit: Nigel Szeto, his Style and Philosophy

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Born to a family of artists, Nigel Szeto (司徒乃鍾) is the son of Lingnan Painting School master Szeto Kei and grandson of the famous poet Szeto Mei.

In the early 1960’s and 70’s, Szeto studied art under masters Chao Shao An, Guan Shan Yue, Li Xiong Cai, Yang Shan Shen, Chang King Hung and Chan Shu Soo in Hong Kong and China. Later, he attended Capilano College, Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Canada and graduated with highest honors.

His artworks have been collected and exhibited extensively around the globe, including the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum; the Museum of Civilization of Ottawa, Canada; the Nanjing Museum, Jiangmen Art Museum, and the Memorial Museum of Lingnan School of Painting, China; and many corporate and private collections.

Nigel Szeto is currently a member of the China Artists Association; Director of the Hong Kong Cang Cheng Art School and Founding Chairman of the Cang Cheng Art Association,Canada; Professor of Fine Arts Faculty, Director and Vice-Principal of Lingnan Art Study in Guangzhou Art Academy; Vice-Director of the Zhejiang Museum West Lake Academy of Chinese Painting in Hangzhou; Honorary Consultant of the Asia Program, University of Indianapolis, USA; Associated Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists; and Vice-Chairman of the Lingnan Art Study Association of Macau.

During this morning’s visit to his studio, Szeto discussed and shared with us his work that exemplified his personal style and philosophy in art. He demonstrated his unique ink painting style that had received wide acclaim. In addition, we were able to view his eclectic collection of ink stones, brushes and antiques. It was an informal occasion to enjoy Chinese art in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere over tea and cake, with dim sum lunch after.