Visit to CERS 1939 Exhibit House and Tour of Shek O With Wong How Man

Date :
Saturday, 20 February 2016
Time :
10:30 – 12:30
Venue :
Shek O (Car pool available)
Limit :
Note :
Optional lunch with Speaker afterward on share-cost basis
Enquiries :
Linda Wang at [email protected] or 9026-2881

Wong How Man will open the doors of the China Exploration and Research Society’s 1939 era Exhibit House. Built by the former Shek O Village Chief, Wong will take the group through some of CERS’ select exhibits. He will also share the history and heritage of Shek O, from the time before the British’s arrival in HK. This will be followed by a guided walk exploring Shek O Village, from its early temples to the Headland and beyond, looking across the back beach to the Shek O Country Club and the “Taipan” houses where some of HK’s tycoons live adjacent to a wonderfully diverse variety of village buildings that are at times considered squatter houses. Visit will conclude with an optional lunch at a nearby Thai Restaurant.

Resource Person
Wong How Man is the Founder and President of the China Exploration & Research Society (CERS). Born and raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the United States in Journalism and Art, Wong’s career in China began in 1974, first as a journalist during the tail end of the Cultural Revolution, later as an explorer/ writer/ photographer for the National Geographic, and since 1986 as head of the non-profit organization CERS.

He has led many multi-disciplinary expeditions first for the National Geographic and later for CERS. He has been credited with, among other accomplishments, the discovery of a new source for the Yangtze River. In 2002 Time Magazine chose Wong as one of its 25 Asian Heroes, calling Wong “China’s most accomplished living explorer.” He has also received many awards for his books and the conservation projects he conceived and directed. Supported by governments, foundations, individuals and corporations, his work has been disseminated widely by major international media, including Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, ABC, CNBC, CCTV, etc.