Zhongshan (中山) ﹣ A Quintessential Culinary Odyssey

Date :
7 - 9 November 2013
Note :

The famous Chinese proverb 「民以食為天」 can be loosely translated as “food is heaven” or “food is people’s #1 need” – revealing the high regard Chinese people place on food. Bearing this in mind, it is not difficult to understand why there is so much emphasis on the importance of 「色、香、味、形」, or ‘colour, aroma, taste, and presentation’.

Guangdong Province (廣東省) amongst all the provinces is most prominent for its cuisine, and Zhongshan (中山), a prefecture of Guangdong, tops the list for its creativity and ingenuity in its culinary fanfare. Located along the western side of the Pearl River Estuary (珠江三角洲), Zhongshan lies south of Guangzhou (廣州), and north of Zhuhai (珠海) and Macao (澳門). Blessed with fertile fields and mulberry fishponds that bring abundant fresh ingredients to its dishes, Zhongshan is a breeding ground for the unique regional cuisine that has enriched the country’s epicurean culture.

In this 2 nights and 3 days culinary journey, we will taste a variety of exciting and interesting recipes that are probably less well-known – juice from water crabs tasted through a straw; delicate chicken fed on sunflower seeds; crispy and crunchy mouths of the big fresh water fish; collagen-like sea turtle stewed in royal recipe, plus many more.

Our resource person for this trip is May Fung, acclaimed host of the culinary show “May 姐有請” (“Cook Away Lady May”), the highly rated TVB Jade program now into its second season. After retirement as Artist Manager of TVB and Executive Director of Programming at Cable TV, May challenged herself to a second career in the culinary field. Her interest and passion for food motivated her to write cookbooks containing simple, easy and tasty recipes. She will take us on a journey to explore Zhongshan’s fresh produces through its diverse array of delicious delights.

The trip is now full. We are grateful to members for their enthusiastic participation which gives our committee a greater incentive to plan for more exciting trips in the future. Thank you!