Zoroastrian Temple and Cemetery with Ervad Homyar G. Nasirabadwala and Dr. Joseph Ting

Date :
Sunday, 10 November 2013
Time :
10:00 – 12:30
Venue :
Meet at Ground Floor of Zoroastrian Building 101 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Cost :
$200 Member, $300 Non-member, Free for Student with valid ID
Limit :
Note :
Optional lunch nearby with 2 resource persons afterward on share-cost basis
Enquiries :
Sef Lam at [email protected] or 2525-5063

The HKU Museum Society is pleased to announce a guided tour of the Zoroastrian Temple followed by a visit to the Zoroastrian (Parsee) Cemetery. Join Ervad Homyar G. Nasirabadwala and Dr. Joseph Ting as we explore and learn about Zoroastrian religion in Hong Kong. The Chinese name 拜火教 (fire worship religion) is rather misleading but understandable as there is always a fire burning in the temple’s prayer room. But what is Zoroastrianism? How did the religion begin? What are its main belief and philosophy? In this visit, we will learn some basic understanding of the religion, tour their Prayer Room, and follow with a short walk or ride to the Zoroastrian Cemetery in Happy Valley.

Resource Persons
Ervad Homyar G. Nasirabadwala is the priest of the Zoroastrian community of Hong Kong. He was ordained as a priest at the age of twelve under the able guidance of his father and other high priests of the community in India. He will give us a presentation to explain the various aspects of Zoroastrianism.

Dr. Joseph Ting has kindly agreed to accompany us on this Zoroastrian visit and share some information on Zoroastrian temple and cemetery, and its presence in China.